The articles you need to read if you work sitting 8 hours daily

Spend many hours of our day sitting poses a great health risk, and although working foot long time nor is beneficial, today on the international day of the worker, we leave a selection of items we recommend you read if you work 8 hours a day sitting.

Even if we go to the gym at the end of the workday and train an hour a day, spend much time sitting can damage your health and when we have a sedentary job, front of the computer for example, something we must do to be able to offset the negative effects of the time almost inevitably, we must spend idle.

To do this, we recommend reading the following articles:

Sitting, but safely

When we are long time sitting, there are small changes and/or behaviors that can help us to minimize the negative impact that has on our body inactivity, for example: care for posture, putting us at a safe distance from the computer, sit down with right back, sight aligned with the screen before us, and other resources.

It is also important to learn to relax the shoulders and avoid the position of drooping shoulders to bend back and therefore, to suffer inconvenience postural then.

Reduce the time we spend inactive

Breaking with the idle always is more advisable, i.e. avoid spend much time sitting. To do this, we do not need to walk just two minutes for every hour of downtime to considerably reduce the risks.

Even activities light as we stand and give steps help to reduce the time spent sitting or inactive and thus, to reduce the risk of death by up to 33 percent as it has proven a study conducted by the University of Utah.

Exercise and train properly

Exercised in the middle of the workday, for example, training at the lunch, or to perform simple exercises to reduce back pain also is another good alternative to minimize the consequences of downtime at work and reduce the time we spend sitting.

However, it is essential to complement the sedentary work with adequate training out of which help us to achieve a good position while sitting and will also allow us to prevent discomfort.

A healthy diet

Caring for our power, starting by avoiding eating in the same place where you work, because this entails risks to prevent that you eat relaxed, taking care of the digestive process and consciousness, which can encourage excesses at the time of eating

In addition, it can cause intellectual fatigue, drop in performance and productivity according to research conducted by scientists from Toronto. Indicating that it hurts not only our physical health but also the functioning of the brain and therefore detrimental to the company or company that we used.

Useful recommendations

Finally, a couple of years ago the British Journal of Sports Medicine published recommendations specifically designed for those who have a sedentary job and want to minimize the consequences of the same.

Between them it is recommended to break with the downtime, light, avoid static positions activities and cares for the posture we take to be seated.

From HowStuffWorks, we ensure the health of the workers and for this reason, it is important to know what you can do to reduce the negative impact that has on our body work 8 hours a day sitting.

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