Introducing Wireless Gaming Headsets for PC

Days ago, the Logitech G G533 wireless gaming headset was announced, very attractive and comfortable for PC gamers. The G533 presents one of the best audio technologies of the brand and is the successor of the G930, one of the best-selling wireless headsets for gaming of all time.

The G533 wireless game headphones have been optimized for incredible gaming sound using Logitech’s patent-pending Pro-G audio controllers. The Pro-G drivers excel by their detach and detail, directionality and scanning, and offer a sound like no other headset in its category.

The G533 allows you to play using DTS Headphone: X technology. Thanks to the DTS development you can immerse yourself completely in the 7.1 surround sound to hear the precise location and acoustics of the virtual environment, which will make you feel that you are really there.

The G533 also offers greater comfort, range and battery life for long gaming sessions. It plays completely without cables for 15 hours in a single session. You can even get up for food, open the door and walk around the room thanks to its improved range of 15 meters. If you love videogames, you need headphones that offer great sound and fit a clean and simple design.

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