Websites That Identify What Song Is Playing Near You

Music is the full dose of entertainment, a healer, mood changer and so on. Have you ever got struck in a situation when a music is being playing and you are remembering the actual lyrics? You are not alone, this can happen with anyone. Most of the people fail to recognize the song by listening background music. If you are one of them, why not use your phone to know the song? Smartphone solves most of our daily life problem. There are online tools and software that you can download and find what song is playing?

Find what song is playing by Best Song Identifier App and sites

I hope that the sites and software mentioned below will help you in knowing and identifying a song.

Shazam is the Best Song Identifier recognition software among music lovers, used by hundreds of millions of people each month. You can instantly identify the music playing and view what others are discovering.Just press the “listen” button, hold your device toward the speaker, and wait for few seconds. The extensive library of Shazam is jaw dropping. Some of the features of this app is dependent on your location, device and app version. It saves your discoveries and offers the option to listen to and download the tune. It not only meets your ears but also eyes with the help of visual recognition feature. Visual recognition works as QR reader. With just one tap you gain the access to video clips, song lyrics, relate tracks and streaming service.


Sound Hound is the closest competitor of Shazam. Sound Hound provides a few exciting features that Shazam does not. Suppose you are driving and suddenly heard a music remembering the actual song being played then using your phone while driving will send you to heaven. You know what I mean. You can use SoundHound handsfree but not Shazam. So at this condition, SoundHound beats Shazam. Saying “OK Hound, what song is this?” The app listens and analyze the tune. You can see what people are listening and add songs to your library too.

Google Play’s “What’s This Song?”

It’s an excellent Google Play widget to identify the songs being playing around you. You just have to pin it on your phone’s home screen and then by pressing, hold your phone up to speaker. You will be directed to Google Play after identification of song. From there, you can either purchase or add the song to your playlist. Not only this, Google Play also gives you the full lyrics of the song.

Ok Google, Siri

With the evolution of AI “the fifth generation computers”, technology has achieved a new height. It can give you answers of that questions which is difficult for us to find. Do you know what Google or Siri can do? Whenever you are unable to identify a particular song then just take  your phone and say “Hey Siri” or “Okay, Google,” then “what is that song that goes like.” Sing few words and wait for your digital assistant to respond. Next time, use your phone and don’t waste time on thinking.

AHA Music

It is a chrome extension, more smaller than a computer software. You can even get your song recognized with the help of headphones.

Genius, Google Search

If the words of the song you are seeking is known to, you then type the words on Google. For lazy ones who cannot create an effort to search the phone, this one is best. Genius is one of the best lyric website that lets you find the songs you are looking for. It is the biggest collection of lyrics and musical knowledge. You can also know the meaning behind a lyric.


If you consider yourself a hardcore lover of music and want to enjoy some time with it then come to It is a perfect site to get yourself lost in the world of music. Discover music through samples and get connected to more than 510,000 songs and 199,000 artists, from Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B via Electronic / Dance through to Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Classical and beyond. The community of more than 18,000 contributors makes the site’s contents.

It is a free music recognition service that allow you to identify any unknown part of music in a few seconds. It is too simple to use, just upload a small piece of music or a complete song. With the help of robot, it recognizes the song gives you the information like track title, artist name, album name etc. This is an useful site for rediscovering the track list. Actually, it checks the metadata to know what song you were trying to remember. You can upload audio file of any format or quality. Based on the sophisticated audio recognition algorithm combining advanced audio fingerprinting technology and a large songs’ database, this works quite well.


Watzat is a website and a community of music fans that helps you in identifying tunes easily. You can post on the forum and ask the users to identify the music. You can also attach a sound file or voice recording of you in which you are humming or singing the tune. Someone of watzat user will connect with you quickly and name your song. It’s a great platform for music lovers and selfless people that are helping people like you.


There are plenty of software and websites that allow you to look for the song you want. However, this list is contains the collection of Best Song Identifier App available for Android and IOS mobiles that are  free to use.


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