Turn your Android device into a perfect Media Center for less than $ 6

The most advanced Android terminals and pointers are already capable of playing videos in a very high quality and stream several different services such as Youtube. There are many people who see your favorite show from your mobile using different ways and end up having an interesting library of videos stored on your terminal. This also happens with music and our wide range of songs that reproduce with our favorite player for Android. Thanks to an accessory available at Amazon we can move all these options to the big screen of our home.


For less than 6 dollars we can buy on Amazon a small adapter Micro USB MHL to HDMI protocol. The possibilities are many because not only can watch movies directly from your mobile phone on the TV if we cannot play our most addictive games or make a pass pictures from our last vacation and good quality for a very low price. We can make our songs sound through the speakers of good quality of our TV.

It is important to find out if your TV supports the MHL protocol for this accessory can work and not waste money. Also we will specify an HDMI cable that today we have the majority and in any case, its price is reduced. One of the perfect mobile for this accessory is the Galaxy SII that worked perfectly with our TV.

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