Top threats to the library management system

Libraries in any part of the world are adopting new methods in order to survive and be more convenient to the user.  The main concept of the library does not include the integration of technology as librariesare usually in need of physical security and monitoring. But there is always room for improvement and for that, you can further improvise your library experience. Below we have provided some of the issues that libraries face:

Staff issues:

In many cases, it has been noted that staff members do not know which file you saved for later use and they sometimes delete your files by accident or even by purpose. Hence, you need to create a backup of your data on the cloud which would help you recover your data easily. Different cloud security software exists that lets you password protect and store data folders as well.

Insecure data transfer:

Modern libraries now send and retrieve data from the databases to improve their inventory. However, security remains an issue as not all libraries are equipped with the best encryption techniques or practices. Hence, while the data is being transmitted, hackers can intervene and gain access to the most obtainable data.

Staff Certification:

The threat of inexperienced staff is always at large and some of them also have access to certain library management. Since the library is not supposed to be holding something confidential, anyone can come in and leave with all the data stored in the devices which may lead to different criminal activities.

Inadequate tech-savvy staff:

Majority of the libraries face issues where they don’t have access to tech-savvy staff when it comes to technology. For example, most of the staff members have no idea about how the backup works which means, they would never know whether the backup of the data is secure at regular intervals. It’s vital that the staff must know how the security is supposed to be implemented and only then can the overall efficiency of the library be improved.


Downloading unknown files from untrusted sources and opening emails can sometimes become a risky situation for library management system. Most of the unsecured web pages we access on public library PCs are not safe. They provide us click baits which lead to the download of dangerous viruses and ultimately result in data losses.

Above we have explained just some of the issues that the library faces day to day. Libraries are no doubt working to become better than yesterday but the entire digital security setup doesn’t fit into it as the library are more in need of physical security. In addition, even if the library does implement a digital security setup, it would be hard for the regular users to adapt to it.


However, users can prevent themselves from all such hassle by storing all of their confidential data into a cloud storage account through which they can easily access protected files, folders, documents, photos, videos etc. quite easily. The threat of leaving your data open on the desktop is not an option as hundreds of users access the library’s devices and we can’t stop all of them from taking a peek into your work.

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