Top 4 Coming Soon Plugins for WordPress

If you are doing active maintenance on your site you run with a risk to present a broken site to your readers. The better way to do that is using a under maintenance plugin which allows your readers to know that you are running some maintenance and will be back soon.

WordPress repository has a huge number of plugin available which can do almost any kind of work. The only thing which is hard is finding a reliable and regularly maintained WordPress plugin.

Here are some of the top Under Maintenance page plugin which can help you in handling maintenance correctly on your site.

Under Construction Page Plugin

This is one of the best maintenance mode plugin which you can get from WordPress repository. It has over 100k+ active installs and 1k+ 5-star ratings on the WordPress repository which itself talks about the quality of this plugin.

The free version gives you 25+ maintenance page templates which can be used to create and customize your page. You can enable a template and change the title, description, image and social link to customize it.

You can also get a pro version for additional features like premium templates or Affiliate tracking.


Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

This is another plugin which has over 40k+ active installs with good user ratings on WordPress repository.

This plugin also allows you to enable maintenance mode and comes with basic design. You can just enable or disable sections which you want to display on your maintenance mode page or customise it according to your need.

It also has an integration with MailChimp so you can display an email subscription form on maintenance mode page.

WP Maintenance Mode

This is another plugin which allows you to create Maintenance mode page easily and allows basic customization of the page. It works with multisite installs also and each page will get its own maintenance mode page.

You can show a countdown timer also on the page so user will know when they can expect your services to be available. Customise the title, social media link and description on the page to make is more user friendly.

Maintenance Mode

This is very simple maintenance mode plugin which does not add any load on your site. It gives you a standard WordPress editor so you can edit and create your own maintenance mode page. You can also add a custom markup with the help of a code tab.

It will be one of the lightest plugin but does not come with pre-made templates. So if you just want to display a page while doing maintenance, you can use this plugin.

So here are top 4 plugins which you can use to create maintenance mode pages for your blog. All of them are regularly maintained and updated to provide better user experience.

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