Titanium Leica M-P: Camera “luxury” with a price to match

Despite the fact that Leica has attached several brand products less exclusive in the last year, as Huawei and P9 Sofort new instant camera, the company does not waive professional cameras. During Photokina, the German manufacturer of photo equipment announced the new camera Leica M-P, a limited version made of titanium. The price of the standard version was already very “spicy” and the special edition of the device is obviously much higher.

leica mp

Leica M-P camera was already highly appreciated by professionals and is delivered with a full-frame CMOS sensor of 24 megapixels and a buffer 2GB LCD sapphire protected to avoid scratches. But the special edition comes with a titanium casing, which is so easy with 90 grams over the standard. Will be included in the camera package and two goals Leica 28mm f models SUMMICRON-M / 2 ASPH and APO-SUMMICRON-M 50mm f /2 ASPH. Both come in colors similar to those of the camera, the different models already available on the market.

The new M-P will not be available for order only in mid-October at a price lower than other cameras in the Leica Titanium edition. They will be released only 333 units of this version at a price of US $ 22,900, significantly lower than other special versions of some older models (and the price reached $ 30,000 in the past). Perhaps fans with deep pockets were surprised by the decision “cheaper” this model, while Leica users with limited budgets will be limited to the M-P model, which costs “only” $ 6,995.

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