10 tips to save battery on your Android

At this time there are many who are launching a new Android. Some already carry a few devices behind with what they already know the basics of the system, but there are many new users coming to our ecosystem and need to learn. Therefore, from The Free Android we are going to make things easy with these tips to save battery life of your new Smartphone and it survives the busy day.

Remember that, in addition, I have spoken of how to keep your clean and organized Android:

Tip 1: Take care applications in the background

Today our customs on mobile phones have changed a lot. Gone are the days when we used to sleep before shutting down the mobile (Although I personally never did). Because of this, sometimes we can increase battery consumption of your phone if you do not care what applications we have in the background.

Luckily, this is very easy to avoid. So, if you have the Recent Apps button next to the home you just have to press it and slide laterally to remove the applications you want. Should not have this button the light of recent applications usually appears letting down the home button and from there the procedure is the same.

But if by some chance none of these methods work, you can always access the Settings menu, enter applications and select the tab “Running”. There select the application you want to delete and press “Stop”.

Tip 2: Lower the screen brightness depending on the circumstances

One component of our phone spends most battery is definitely the screen. Although manufacturers are slowly improving consumption of these, the fact that the screens are large and increasingly higher resolution makes these remain the main drag when put up with the battery until the end of day.

To avoid excessive battery consumption the main tips that can occur are:

Disables automatic brightness: It’s more comfortable when going outside, but this makes the light sensor is continuously detecting the light level to adjust the screen.

Lower the brightness of the screen is the easiest way to save battery. With slightly lower brightness we can significantly extend the life of our Smartphone. Probably see worse the screen, especially in places with lots of light, but when it is 15% battery and a few hours to find an outlet … what matters is to get to plug your cell phone on.

It is also desirable to change the brightness depending on the environment (provided manually). Today this procedure is very fast since the vast majority of smartphones incorporated in the notification bar quick access to adjust the brightness of the screen.

As a final note on the subject of the screen is worth noting that if your screen is AMOLED consumption will be much lower if your wallpaper is dark tone. This can be up to 5 times less consumption. In the case of IPS screens this aspect would entail no savings. There are applications that use this advantage of AMOLED screens to save even more battery, a case is Pixel Battery Saver, which it does is reduce the number of pixels that are turned on, thus saving a lot of battery. This can be configured so that more or fewer pixels are lit according to the user’s taste.

Tip 3: Check your connections

One of the most useful widgets that incorporate our devices is the Energy Control. Thanks to this widget you can turn on and off quickly some connections, which are undoubtedly one of the main sections of our device battery spends more.

So, if we’re walking down the street, most likely we will not need to have active connection, or if we are sitting in our house may not need to have high precision GPS enabled. The same goes for Bluetooth. Deactivating these options also can significantly increase the duration of our battery.

Another point to consider is that, depending on the configuration that you have given to our device, the GPS may not be entirely clear from this widget (or from the notifications bar). To avoid this we have to go into Settings> Location and turn it off from there.

Tip 4: If no network,airplane mode….

Sometimes we go to places where coverage is scarce. In situations of this kind is very useful airplane mode, because when the phone is not connected to the network is dedicated to look for some, a process in which a lot of battery is spent.

So the next time you go party somewhere where there is no coverage or go to a rural house in the middle of the mountain, remember to activate airplane mode to extend the life of your Smartphone. Anyway you’re not going to be able to receive calls.

Tip 5: Greenify

android power saving

Now we have spoken on occasion of Greenify, it is that when it comes to saving energy is one of the best applications. This application mainly allows hibernating quickly and automated applications that spend most of our Smartphone battery.

Although the learning curve may be a little higher for new users, there are many tutorials on how to set quickly and effort will be rewarded as the savings will be quite significant.

For some features needed but the root application Hibernation is not one of them and certainly the most interesting.

Tip 6: Do not use Task Killers

This is something we have repeated ad nauseam in the vast majority of blogs specializing in Android, and the truth is that the use of these has decreased quite although there are still some people who continue using them.

A task killer is an application whose function is to kill all processes at once, releasing all the RAM of the device. On paper is fine, it should serve to save battery, but the truth is that it is not. When “kill” all processes of your Smartphone, the OS tends to restart a lot of these, due to which the battery consumption increases.

Yet in some cases can come in handy (application blocking, poorly optimized applications, etc …), but still have not the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Tip 7: Charge your phone properly

This is a very important factor which affects the lifetime of the battery. Not having a good charging habits can take its toll in the long run to the battery, resulting in a shorter duration of this. Some habits to consider for Li-ion batteries are:

Preferable not use the cable to your computer to load: If you regularly use the USB connection to your computer to charge your Smartphone will notify: It takes more and at the end this time being charging will reduce the life of your battery.

Do not wait for your battery to discharge: has worse effects discharge the battery to 0% and load the download up to 80% and load it again five times.

If we will not use the device for a while it is advisable to leave it loaded between 40 and 60% since it is the best way to conserve battery. It is not at all advisable to keep the battery at 0%.

In addition to these tips, there are some “urban legends” that really have no effect on the battery such that the first charge cycle has to be up to 100% or to turn off the phone to charge benefits the life of your phone.

Tip 8: battery saving mode

If your device brings Android 5.0 Lollipop’re lucky. In the latest version of Android it was included for the first time a native mode saving battery. To activate this mode you only have to walk down the notification bar, access shortcuts and from there enter the menu of the battery. Once inside the battery menu click in the three points of the top right corner and activate the battery saving mode.

This mode will reduce device performance but will increase the time mobile phone use and we can take more than a pinch.

Tip 9: Prevent background synchronization

Regularly phone is synchronized with our servers certain applications. This can be avoided in an easy way: In Settings, in paragraph accounts, applications that are synchronized in the background will appear.

Maybe not interest you disable sync Twitter, but in some cases it may be interesting if off, for example, Evernote, or Dropbox. We already let the reader comfortable.

Tip 10: Look up

Today we have developed a tendency to overuse our terminals. Do not forget that the best way to save battery is to keep the phone in your pocket and be aware of the outside world. Also cool.

Fulfilling all previous battery saving tips and trying to keep the phone when it is not necessary we will increase significantly the lifetime of our Smartphone. And you what tricks you use to save battery?

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