The Galaxy S8 would be the premiere of Samsung with the technology ‘Force Touch’

With the hurricane of Note 7 beginning to dwindle, rumors are still coming in to pave the way for what will be the next big launch of the brand. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has an important task in hand, and is that in addition to raising the bar with respect to the Samsung Galaxy S7, this year has to help turn the page and demonstrate that Note 7 was a slip.

Much has been said about what will be the next flagship of the South Korean brand and today comes again a new rumor about its screen, specifically on the integration of technology known as Force Touch that recognizes the pressure we exerted by pressing on the screen.

Larger and more sensitive screens


A few days ago the Galaxy S8 screen, or rather screens, because all the rumors point to Samsung will repeat the formula of the two sizes with this generation. However, in this case Samsung would bet on a larger size in the two models, which could be 5.8 inches for the more “compact” and rise to 6.2 inches on the larger.

This data goes in the line of the rumor that points towards a screen without frames around, the most recent tendency towards which it seems that they are going to start turning the marks. We already saw it recently with the surprising Xiaomi Mi Mix and rumors point to Apple could follow in the steps with the iPhone Anniversary.

In the case of Samsung, the screen would reach the edge of the device and would be curved on all four sides and not only two as now with dual-edge panels, which could also bring new functions at the software level. In addition, this change would suppose the removal of the front start button, which would cause the fingerprint sensor to be under the screen.

What will surely bring new software features if you end up confirming is the Force Touch technology. Samsung would not be the first brand to bet on pressure sensitive screens. However, the company has a patent registered before its arrival at other terminals of other brands. In recent years we have seen this technology in the Huawei Mate S and in the latest models of Apple, but adoption of this system in the Galaxy S8 would be just the beginning.

According to Korean media The Investor, the company would extend the support for Force Touch to other models of its catalog in a space of two years and also manufacture its own screens through the division Samsung Display, which is the main supplier of Force Touch screens To Huawei.

Although Force Touch technology has been in circulation for some time, it has not yet been extended by high-end terminals, such as fingerprint sensors. However, the arrival of app shortcuts to Android 7.1 Nougat emulates the performance and could work with pressure sensitive panels.

In addition to these changes, it is also expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will bring a dual camera system and release a new voice assistant created by Viv, the start-up of Siri creators that Samsung bought months ago. If everything goes according to plan, we will know all the details of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 duo at the end of February 2017.


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