Samsung Galaxy S8: what is rumored and what we would like to see

This year is a little strange for Samsung because the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are having a great reception from the beginning, but on the other hand we have the battery problems of Note 7, which is investigating the case of the mobile Which burned in a plane and another appeared of a Taiwanese woman of her Note 7 (supposedly safe) burned while her walked with her dog.

Despite this setback, the Korean manufacturer plans to generate profits in the third quarter, although they have not taken into account the latest cases, which may affect them in a bad way. However, Samsung continues, and with it the rumors of Galaxy S8, which have seemed even more rumors recently.

One of the most notable rumors would be the disappearance of the physical button ‘home’, which recently housed the fingerprint sensor, and is that they pretend that the screen occupies virtually the entire front by removing also the upper and lower bezels (Or at least reduce them to the minimum expression).

So fingerprint sensor would be under the screen thanks to a small evolution in technology that has already removed Qualcomm so that they can detect our fingerprints even when the sensor is under a glass. This “ultrasonic fingerprint sensor” can be seen, for example, in the Xiaomi Mi 5s.

According to rumors, Samsung could join the fashion of dual cameras, adding a sensor of 16 MP and another of 8 MP, some resolutions that, interestingly, we can see in the LG G5 for example. What is not known is what vision has the Korean manufacturer of a dual camera, we will have to wait if this feature is confirmed.

As for the processor, it would do something like it has done lately, use the most powerful Snapdragon of the moment (the 830 for the Galaxy S8) and another version that would take its best Exynos (Exynos is a series of ARM-based System-on-Chips (SoCs) developed and manufactured by Samsung Electronics). I would distribute them according to markets, but what does seem certain is that the next flagship processor will be built at 10 nm.

To all this we have to join previous rumors such as that the screen resolution would be 4K to give the best possible VR experience. For now they are nothing more than rumors, and as we approach the launch of the device some will be denied and others will be confirmed.

What would we like to see in the next Galaxy S8?


Few things are more romantic than making a wish list or ‘wishlist’ of anything: from the taste of the next Sugus candy to Christmas presents or Kings. And since we have so much love in our hearts, why not make our own wish list for the future Galaxy S8?

The first, and what I consider more important, is a generous battery, especially if you meet the rumor of a real 4K screen. In this case it would not put less than 4,000 mAh, and it does not need an excessively thick device to put a battery like that. And since the LG V20 has proven that you can make a removable cover without being plastic, Samsung could take example.

Speaking of batteries, if it is possible to ask a very personal favor to Samsung, that the battery does not explode at the first exchange. If they want to make original weapons for GTA 5, they have the form of stuffed, lamp or credit card, but not mobile, that people get confused and believe that you can use it as a normal smartphone.

If you really want to put a 4K screen for virtual reality, then take advantage and make it compatible with Daydream, so at least you can say that the experience in virtual reality will be good. I do not think it’s necessary to mention compatibility with Vulkan (Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and compute API first announced at GDC 2015 by the Khronos Group.) when they implemented it in the Galaxy S7.

A bit of a personal title is that they try to bring the software more to pure Android, because no matter how well it wants to work, they have a lot of small changes stuck in Touchwiz (TouchWiz is touch interface created and developed by Samsung Electronics with partners, featuring a full touch user interface.). It would be nice to do a little more thorough cleaning or, if they are going to put all their bloatware, they let the user can uninstall it without having to do root.

Talking about power is silly, we all know that they usually include the most powerful at their disposal, so almost any wish we have (and it is not impossible to fulfill,) we can give it as a compliment. But I’m good people, so why do not you share your wish list in the comments?

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