RED Hydrogen One: smartphone with holographic display

In recent years, it seems that the manufacturers (at least the main) of mobile phones have developed in a comfort zone. As far as innovation is concerned that all they focus on is to incorporate the shift processor. Of course, with the level that these computers are today, it is practically impossible to give it a revolution like the iPhone did. Even so, some companies want to bet on new technologies, such as RED, who want to give us the first holographic smartphone that they have named RED Hydrogen One. Which they said would show 3D generated images without the need for an additional peripheral like glasses.

The company RED may be a term for you if you do something with media. The cameras of the manufacturer are not just a bargain, but they are famous for their modularity and high quality. Now RED wants to produce a smartphone, which can display holograms without having to resort to glasses.

RED Hydrogen One

According to the developers, the Hydrogen One is the first machine for holographic media. The display has a size of 5.7 inches and a seamless change between classic 2D content and holograms should be possible at any time. Which optical quality and size of the holograms is not yet informed. You can download the catalog from here.

At present there is not much known about the functionality and value of the representation. In contrast to Forbes, the developers say that they do not believe in a future of VR and AR, as long as this technology is to put on glasses. According to RED, nobody would like to gamble with their glasses.

RED did not say anything about display technology. It could be a display similar to Amazon’s FirePhone, the LG Optimus 3D or the Nintendo 3DS.

In a forum, RED founder Jim Jannard wrote that the effect is difficult to describe, and it is a completely new display technology. A separate portal is to be created for corresponding film content.

In addition, the Hydrogen One will be part of a new modular system, serve as a control monitor, and control unit for the RED Scarlet, Epic and Weapon. RED did not give many details on the technical details. The device uses as interface USB-C and Micro-SD as storage medium. Notes on the processor, the camera and other components are missing. The sound should be calculated according to the manufacturer from stereo to room sound.

The description of the official press release is full-bodied:

A standalone, a full-fledged multiband smartphone with Android, which features that break the boundaries of the normal

At the same time, Hydrogen One should focus on the modularity. With special attachments, the smartphone should fit perfectly into the camera lineup of the manufacturer. Apparently, there will be film releases that could offer unprecedented recording qualities.

Some of the specifications that can be detailed of such information is that the mobile network would have a 5.7-inch screen, would use Android, would have a modular system of accessories – similar to that used by Lenovo in their Moto Z-, USB port Type C and would be directed mainly to the film market. The price? Its aluminum model will cost about $ 1,195 and the titanium $ 1,595.

Early buyers should receive a surprise gift.

How exactly the availability is not known. I would expect so quickly but also with an announcement. The RED Hydrogen One is a very special niche telephone and certainly not designed for massive sales.

What do you think? Will the hollyhock come from a smartphone?


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