A possible use of Drones inside stores and large stores

American retail department stores Walmart has registered a patent that describes a drone capable of flying in their shopping. It would be a device prepared to carry products from one place to another of the establishment.

Walmart has based its business on opening large stores whose success depends on the assortment of local and low prices. The breadth of product offerings means that these large stores need to have an important warehouse. If an item is not displayed on the shelves, the customer can ask an employee, who will go to the store to bring it.

Lightening this process will be the task of these drones. The devices will be controlled by an air traffic system that will automate their tasks. It will be the brain that tells them where to fly and what object to carry.

The company thinks that drones will do the job more efficiently than employees, especially when they are scarce and customers have to wait their turn.

The use of drones in warehouses is one of the fields of logistics where these devices seem to have a clearer future to this day. Perhaps the most notorious developments, are occurring in the field of outdoor distribution. Amazon’s experiments, as well as those of UPS and DHL, have filled the pages of generalist and specialized portals.

But today, with legislation in the hands of most countries that already have specific regulations for unmanned aircraft, freight transport with drones abroad is complicated. There are obstacles and a very concrete framework. However, in the interior, as in some department stores, airspace restrictions do not exist.

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