Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. Exclusivity comes with Turbo

Porsche has decided to take out a very exclusive version of its 911 Turbo. The information that we share in it will be understand when you see the images that accompany this article .It may seem that any car that makes the German is remarkable. The name of the new model is Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series and as its own name indicates is exclusive so much. That there will only be 500 units with an engine exceeds 600 hp and that will be finished each by hand by “Exclusive Manufacture” or what is the same, the department of personalization of Porsche that until now we knew as Porsche Exclusive, Seems exclusive enough or not?

Limited production with many incentives

The German brand has published this new model online, in what is ultimately become the most powerful vehicle in the history. And is that until the arrival of the new 911 GT3 RS that a few days ago we talked to you, its 615 horse power make it in its own right in the 911, most powerful production ever created. This new edition limited to 500 units will be based on the 911 Turbo S and will have a price close to 260,000 euros in Germany. In any market the price will surely increase to 300,000.

But what improvements does it take to make us talk about it like that? Well very easy, a more powerful engine, carbon fiber and exclusive finishes. Its mechanics part of the same six cylinders plane of 3.8 liters and double turbo that already uses the original model but with a potentiate kit that raises the original 580 hp up to 615. Its pair is not far behind and goes from the 700 Nm to the 750 Nm.

Image Credit: http://www.porsche.com/

Thanks to these improvements, the benefits are greatly improved, reaching 100 km / h from standing in less than 3 seconds (2.9 to be exact). For 200 km / h it takes 9,6 s while its maximum speed is situated at 330 km / h. Interestingly, and according to the brand, the consumption figure that homologates this exclusive model is 9.1 liters per 100 km in combined cycle.

Although the unit used for official photos has the exclusive Metallic Yellow Gold, customers can request a range of exterior colors carefully selected by Porsche Exclusive Manufacture. Another of the distinctive details of this model are the brushstrokes in yellow in both the black wheels of 20 inches and in the interior upholstery with black finish in Alcantara. The same set of interior color can also be seen in the body, with lines in carbon finish, material used to manufacture elements such as the roof, side skirts or the hood itself.

Image Credit: http://www.porsche.com/

The equipment is finished with the Porsche Ceramic Brake System, the Porsche Active Suspension Management System and the rear axle steering system with Dynamic Chassis Control. As a limited edition that is will feature the typical identification plate as well as a set of leather luggage, created specifically for this version of 911.

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