New version of the Play Store 4.1.6. Download it now!

Not long ago we got the version 4 of the Play Store. Today, a few hours of Google I / O has appeared a new update from the Play Store. Specifically, 4.1.6 version.

This new version of the Play Store has added the ability to upgrade all applications, even if you only have one for update. In addition, there is a possibility absolutely update all applications, including those who require new permits and previously listed as “manual updates”. Now appear a pop-up before upgrading inform you what the new permits and allow you to accept the installation.

Other Pop-Up appears when you try to update a very large application being in connection 3g, can skip that installation and continue with the rest (just in case you forgot to mark the Update to “only through WiFi”) and thus avoiding losing many megabytes of your connection updating something you could download for WiFI.

It has also changed the way your desired show, has gone from being a list, to be in the form of cards, making them bigger and more visible. On the other hand, the interface has been changed to redeem gift cards, although many had not yet seen the old interface.


In addition, we have introduced a few small design changes. A change button to install / uninstall / open / Update (depending on the status of the application). The menu text is more consistent and easy to read and other small minor visual tweaks and bug fixes. Also it added the price in some contextual menus to hold and changed the subject of the general application of “dark / dark” to “light / light” (can be seen in settings, for example).

Of course, this version will arrive a few days after everyone, gradually, but if you do not want to wait, You can download this new version on this link to Google Docs.

Download Link: Play Store 4.1.6

Many of these improvements will come brilliantly to the Android store. Now updates will be faster and easier without losing control you have over permissions. In addition, the visual enhancements style cards that Google is giving gradually to all its applications, inside and outside intensifies Android.

It seems that we have news from Google before Google I / O which will begin in the next few hours. You know the machinery of the big G does not rest although we are within hours of the developer event this year where we will teach many things. While you are doing time to start, download this new version of the Play Store and tell us what you think of these improvements.

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