New Nvidia Titan Xp, the most powerful graphics on the market and compatible with Mac

This is what usually happens in a market as innovative and competitive as that of graphics cards; Every year new models that completely change the panorama come out.

Of all of them, the Nvidia Titan are the reference if you really want the best regardless of the price. Whenever one leaves, irremediably occupies the position of more powerful graph.

Nvidia Titan Xp, the most powerful new graphics on the market

Nvidia Titan Xp

The Nvidia Titan Xp plays that role exceptionally; Not in vain is based on the platform Pascal that so good results are giving, in particular in the GP102 chip that we already saw in its predecessor, the Titan X and the GTX 1080Ti.

Although it is based on a known architecture, the Titan Xp is not surprising; we are facing the one that possibly will be the definitive model of the platform, which unlocks all the potential that had Pascal.

The new Nvidia Titan Xp has 3840 CUDA cores (256 more than Titan X), 240 TMUs (16 more) and 96 ROPs (8 more). A major improvement we have in memory, which are now 12 GB (instead of 11 GB), with a memory interface of 384 bits (instead of 352 bits).

An interesting detail is that it reaches the same frequency as the recent GTX 1080Ti, about 1582 MHz. All in all, this means a performance of 12 Tflops.

All this data translates into a clear improvement, but not incredible, regarding the Titan X; Perhaps for that reason the Titan X will stop selling from now, not to occupy the same hollow in the market.

Mac will host the new beasts of Nvidia

Now comes the hard, the price. The Nvidia Titan Xp will cost € 1349, and will only be sold through the official GeForce website; Has the same set of heatsink and fan of the Titan X, and we will not see third-party models.

The great news is that this will be the first graphics based on Pascal compatible with Mac, thanks to beta drivers that will arrive this same month.

We already know that Apple is preparing a new Mac Pro. It would not be surprising that this graphics has great importance in the professional and enthusiastic Mac market.

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