New details about Spartan, future browser from Microsoft

The first rumors stating that Microsoft will launch a web browser completely changed emerged in September last year, but concrete information emerged only in the last days of last year. Even if Microsoft does not comment on any rumors, it seems that future product codenamed Spartan will return Internet Explorer browsers among modern and competitive.

Microsoft software development team has been working hard to improve Internet Explorer browser, version number 11 is a product quickly and with good compatibility with current Web standards. Bad reputation and lack of facilities such extensions were appreciated but some barriers too hard to pass Microsoft acting accordingly to launch a new browser which will bear a different name and will provide facilities desired by users.


Now, future product name is unknown and we do not know than its codename: Spartan. According to unconfirmed information currently available, the core software Spartan will be based on all the current Trident rendering engine, but Microsoft has removed all the ballast which has been preserved to ensure compatibility and provide a truly modern.

For this reason, however, Windows 10 operating system will include both Internet Explorer and future Spartan, users being able to choose their desired browser as needed. Spartan however, will be your default browser will be available in versions for phones and tablets of the future Windows 10 and will be updated through app stores Windows Store, which suggests that Microsoft intends to adopt a program faster development.

According to pictures published by Neowin, future browser interface with graphical environment more Spartan brings Chrome or Firefox, remarking small button bar and ample screen space. In addition to this change, Spartan will provide a synchronization mode interface and support for themes, the latter option may be postponed until a later update.


Lean, with a new interface and rich options, Spartan will not be content just to copy options currently offered by competitors. Thus, Spartan will support stylus and an engine note that will integrate with OneNote and OneDrive services. Digital assistant Cortana will also be integrated and will provide voice search capability and will provide an intelligent interface for grouping tabs.


None of this information is not officially confirmed at this time, but we might get more details on 21 January, when Microsoft announced it will organize a major event.

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