Mozilla: the new Firefox 54 is the best in history

Nick Nguyen, vice president of the Firefox division at Mozilla, announced “the best Firefox so far” on June 13, 2017. The launch of Firefox 54 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. This browser has been classified by the company as.

Perhaps 54 is the best Firefox in history due mainly to the new multiprocessing capability. A function that allows assigning the different processes workload on the machine. In this way, it makes the use of RAM more efficient, resulting in an improvement in response time and an increase in browser speed.

Mozilla has been evolving the multiprocessing feature of Firefox for many years, as part of the Electrolysis Project, which has been named after the chemical process that separates molecules from water in their original components.

According to Nguyen, Firefox will operate easily on machines that do not have large amounts of memory, so the goal is to achieve a “fair” balance between speed and memory usage. The development team did some testing to see how Firefox behaved in terms of memory usage.

This feature has been named E10, which was released from Firefox 48 last year for a limited number of users. During this test phase, the developers detected an increase in response of between 400% and 700%.

With E10, Firefox can support up to four processes (this can be modified by the user), with which you can manage the content on the network through all the browser tabs. Mozilla said that E10 is the biggest change they have ever made in the Firefox code. Having more than one process working at the same time ensures that when something goes wrong with one tab, it will not affect others.

In addition to the introduction of the E10 feature, Firefox 54 also includes some aesthetic changes, including the addition of a new download button, a new download panel and support for the Burmese language.

Firefox 54 for desktop is now available for download on Users who already have this browser can already upgrade it or, if they have it configured, this update has already been installed automatically.

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