Mercedes-Benz introduced the first high-capacity truck 100% electric

It seems that cars of the near future will be, the more electricity. And it seems that many of the trucks will be the same. Daimler wants to be part of this revolution and presented a Mercedes-Benz truck hundred percent electric.

Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck cannot cross a country like Romania from end to end, but will be able to transport goods between Bucharest and Constanta with extra batteries. Autonomy truck, which has a maximum capacity of 26 tones, is 200 kilometers per charge.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks; Urban eTruck;
Mercedes-Benz Trucks; Urban eTruck;

Mass production of the truck will start after 2020. Being especially designed to operate in urban environments, the Mercedes-Bez also provides a major advantage in addition to zero emissions: it is silent. We all know how noise can make a large truck when traveling on a street in a city.

And Tesla, the company led by Elon Musk, is working on a truck, which it will present early next year.

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