IPhone already allows to send messages by Whatsapp without internet connection

The messages will remain in the outbox until the user has a network, as already happened on Android phones

The application also includes in its new update the possibility of managing the mobile space

Users of Android phones already had this functionality that is a novelty for iOS. The most popular messaging application has just released an update for Apple devices that allows to send messages by Whatsapp without internet connection, among other novelties.

Actually, the application is to leave the messages in the output tray and finishes sending them when the user connects again, without the user having to worry about it.

To date, the first thing the messaging application was doing was to check for network access, and if it was not available, the tool only allowed read messages received but could not do much more.

The new update 2.17.1 comes with another functionality equally expected: the possibility to send up to 30 pictures and videos at one time. So far, the ‘app’ owned by Facebook had a limit of ten files, forcing users to send them in several batches if they wanted to send more.

Space management

Another new addition to the messaging application is the management of all content that is stored. Currently WhatsApp was quite opaque in this sense and all you could do was take a look at ‘Settings> General> Storage’ to calculate how much the ‘app’ occupied the hard drive. Now, within ‘WhatsApp> Settings> Data and Storage’ you can access a breakdown that shows how much each conversation occupies and inside you can check the size of the pictures, videos or how many messages have been sent.

The WhatsApp update is now available on iOS and Android, although users of the Google operating system had already enjoyed the beta of this version, which was released on January 4.

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