IPhone 8 special edition: a luxury of lifestyle

One of each. It is a figure worth celebrating. IPhone 8 meets this 2017 ten years. It has been the most revolutionary gadget and Apple is probably thinking of celebrating it big time. Such will be the magnitude of the anniversary that Cupertino could be thinking of launching a special terminal of 1,000 euros.

According to “Fast Company”, the next Apple iPhone could be a real luxury within the reach of very few. Users who want to have a special edition of the popular terminal in their hands will have to pay 1,000 euros. That will be your market price and the highest amount so far in this device.

Rumor iphone 8

iphone 8

Luckily, it will not be the only model. In addition to this to celebrate its anniversary, rumors suggest that the company will launch, as every September, two new at more affordable prices depending on capacity, as is usual: a 4.7-inch and another 5.5. Thus, we would have three new models in 2017.

However, it should not be forgotten that this is not the first time that the terminals of Cupertino have reached such high prices. Without going any further, an iPhone 7 of 256 GB, the largest capacity, costs 989 euros, while the 7 Plus with the same memory reaches 1,129 euros. The rest of the models are below those quantities. The price of the next iPhone 8 of real luxury could be justified, according to analysts, by its high performance. It would be a special version with which Cupertino intend to throw the house out the window.

Behind the technology

The iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, as it has also been rumored), would have a new OLED technology screen of 5.8 inches. This would be a great investment as the company’s current terminals carry LCD screens. In addition, according to “Fast Company”, will be stainless steel forged while the back will be glass and not metal as before.

All this would go in a new design very elegant “with few visual interruptions”. It seems that the Cupertino have designed a “smartphone” without physical buttons. The volume and start controls would be integrated. In this way, the user will stop pressing. It will be enough to touch to access the functions.

Wireless charge

The development of this new technology of 3D sensors would have been carried out with Lumentum, however it is not known exactly how it will be integrated in this edition of luxury. From “Fast Company” they point out that it could be used to recognize the user’s face for authentication. It could also be used on the camera to provide better resolution of the images. It could even integrate into some augmented reality application.

“Along with the 5.8-inch iPhone, Apple is expected to release a 4.7-inch model (probably called an iPhone 7) and a 5.5-inch model (probably called the iPhone 7s Plus), according to our source,” , So only the special edition of the iPhone 8 will have OLED screen.

But one of the great novelties, according to the specialized media “MacRumors”, will be the wireless charging system that will be incorporated in all three versions. At first it was said that the most expensive model would come with this feature, but everything points to the American company has managed to introduce this novelty to all versions.

The iPhone 8 would go on sale in September, although in limited quantities

The rumors about the phone that Apple will introduce us this year continue to grow. Now, MacRumors ensures that the next iPhone would be released in September, but in limited quantities. According to the media, Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis, Christopher Hemmelgarn, Thomas O’Malley and Jerry Zhang also predicted that the most important feature of this device will be the 5.8-inch OLED curve display.

On the other hand, analysts say the apple company would launch three devices and would carry the name iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone Pro. The three computers would have wireless charging, and would be launched in September, although the iPhone Pro could be available through the fourth quarter of 2017.

MacRumors also reported that possibly a small number of devices would be available for shipping during the same month of its official presentation, although the vast majority of the stock would take weeks to be available to users. This tells us that, possibly, minutes after the opening of the reservation dates, the shipments of the terminals are made several weeks later.

Will we see the design of the first iPhone 8?

Within the latest rumors we find the possibility that Apple will return to its origins with the anniversary iPhone. According to the Korean media ET News the next iPhone would have a design in the form of a drop of water, which would remind us rather the design of the original iPhone.

In addition, the rear would be glass, much more curved than the front and would be protected by other material on the sides. Which of these rumors will be true? We will have to wait for Apple to make its new terminal official to answer this question.

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