The iPhone 8 could use laser beams for facial recognition

The flurry of rumors about the next iPhone does not stop, is proof that this smartphone is one of the most anticipated. Although the iPhone 7 was also, the reality is that it has not had as good reception as Apple expected. In fact, the iPhone 8 is partly responsible for the low sales of the iPhone 7.

At the moment there are no official data on the iPhone 8, but expect great things from him; As it will integrate one the best OLED plastic display of the market, whose supplier could be Samsung Display. It is also rumored that it will be tougher than ever and that Apple will harden its chassis with stainless steel. But now there are new rumors that allude to a very interesting feature.

The iPhone 8 could use laser beams

According to CultOfMac, analysts at Cowen and Company venture that Apple could add lasers to the iPhone 8 to be able to map the depth of objects. These laser beams would be located near the front camera, so they could also be used for image recognition.

Using this technology, the next iPhone could take an important step in the face of augmented reality, something in which the Cupertino Company has shown great interest in recent months. On the other hand, the use of lasers would also provide the device with the capability for facial recognition and increase safety.

Timoth Arcuri, one of the analysts referred to by the aforementioned media, explains that for facial and gestural recognition, the phone could include an infrared sensor that would be mounted near the laser sensor, ie near the front camera. Arcuri also echoed rumors that Apple will launch three iPhone 8s with different screen sizes: a small 4.7-inch, a 5.5-inch, and a larger, 5.8-inch screen.

This group of analysts say that only the largest model will have a curved OLED screen with Touch ID integrated into it. In any case, this is information not confirmed by Apple, so at the moment we do not know if the iPhone 8 will use lasers for facial recognition and augmented reality. But it would be all right, right?

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