How IoT Can Changing Your Daily Life

How do you compare the present and the past? Let us take, for example, the home improvement sector. There were the times, when the women folk used to wash the clothes, do the cooking, cleaning the dishes and many more tasks in a day. Now, with the introduction of technology, you have an appliance for every task. So, the washing machine is for the laundry, the microwave for heating the pre-cooked food and the dishwasher for the dirty dishes. But the same home improvement sector has taken one grand big step forward, this time,by the technology called as the Internet of Things. In this article, we focus on the technology trends that are changing our lives.

As per home improvement experts, the Internet of Things will become common in every home within the next five to ten years. The reason,price of sensors will always reduce. Yes, innovations are happening by the dozen for home appliances. In the future, the home will not only be considered as a safe place for your family members. It will have other features, such as a command centre, handled by an IoT system.

1. Energy Management

All over the globe, the general public has woken to the idea of Nature conservation. Even the home appliance manufacturers are designing new models which save energy in various forms. For example, the new version of the washing machine can work with half the electrical energy used in a normal washing machine model made a decade ago.

2. IoT and Smart Homes

Enter IoT, and home appliances have switched over to a new leaf.Now, they can respond as per the requirements of your family members and nature. Do you have the summer? Then IoT air conditioner can automatically reduce the temperature to the home.

By connection and coordination between various smart home appliances, you can get the alerts in your mobiles and respond accordingly.Imagine, for example, smart power sensors fitted to your home. This sensor will switch on lights when you enter the room. It can also switch off when there is no one in the room

The same applies to smart air conditioners. With an adjustable thermostat, the air conditioner can make the temperature of the home remain normal if left vacant.

3. Home Security by IoT

A home is a place only for your family members and loved ones. Any type of intrusion, and it leads to trespassing and negative acts such as burglary, violence and many more. So, with IoT, you can make use of various biometrics such as optical recognition, face recognition and voice to protect your home. You can use these features to design the best security system in the form of smart locks, video doorbells, CCTV cameras, and control home security.Just imagine a situation. You had ordered a product, and the delivery man has come to your home. It is an expensive one, and the delivery body contacts you in office. If you have installed a smart lock at home, you can open the front door and let the delivery person in. He will come to the house, lay the product and go back. You can monitor his movements via the CCTV camera.

4. Health Care

It is a surprise. To be honest. The medical field does not embrace the new technology innovations at the earliest. And since it is concerned with the life and health of humans, the experts of this industry wait till the best equipment comes to the market. But with IoT in the market, an elderly patient can be watched by his family members even from the office.

5. In the Home

Now, if a senior person is staying in a smart home, he can just give commands to switch on or off the lights. The same goes with ceiling fans.On the other hand, artificial intelligence and machine learning can help doctors give the accurate result based on various tests and medical reports of a patient.

In prior times, an old patient has to go to the hospital for regular medical check-ups. With smart homes and CCTV cameras, it has become possible for the physician and doctors to monitor the patient even from a remote location.

6. Artificial Intelligence

When you have smart home appliances, then they can act as per your demands and requests. They can identify the trend, observe behavior and give automatic commands. Now, you can watch movies on the fridge door. Let us imagine, a situation. You go to the mall to buy eatable items to be stored in the fridge. You have lost the list (where you have marked the items). Now with the mobile, and making use of the fridge app, you can check the items present in the fridge. And then make the purchases.

7. The Next Step of IoT Home appliances

Do you have home appliances such as the fridge, washing machine or air conditioner in your Bangalore home? Then you know, after a certain period of time, it will need maintenance. For example, the air conditioner has gone on the repair mode. Now, where will you search for the technician who provides the best ac repair? You download the app of the best home maintenance company, install in your mobile. Now you can scan the profiles of ac technicians in Bangalore, select the best and place a request. Now the technician comes to your home to fix the problem.

In the future, this process will change. With IoT installed, the home appliance will send an alert to your mobile stating it needs a maintenance check and service.  Easy, isn’t it? There are many more innovations waiting to happen, and let us hope for the best.

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