iOS 10 can be blocked by a simple video clip

Apple praise at every opportunity iOS platform stability and security, but occasionally emerge serious problems. Last year, a simple text message that contained some strange characters can reset any device with iOS, and now a simple video phone can slow until it becomes nearly useless, the only option for the rehabilitation of the operating system restart.

The video lasts only three seconds seems harmless at first. It can be sent as a link via SMS, iMessage or email, and running to the phone … does not affect the original. After a few seconds, the operating system begins to respond to commands harder, and while it will completely block. To reset your phone, you simultaneously pressing the power button and home button on older devices, or power + volume down on new iPhone models in July.

It appears that the video was modified to trigger a “memory leak” that fills the entire RAM running after a phone in a very short time. It seems that this problem affects all iOS devices currently available, the vulnerability was tested on devices equipped with version 5.0 of iOS to the latest beta of iOS in October.

Apple has not yet provided official statements regarding this situation, but certainly will release an update of “hotfix” to resolve the issue in the coming weeks, as the case with the aforementioned message. The problem will remain present on devices that have not yet switched to iOS 10 or may not move to the new OS.

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