How To Jailbreak iOS 9 Without Computer?

If you have a device running iOS 9, it is quite possible that you might be looking for a way to jailbreak your device without using a computer. You’d know that iOS 9 jailbreak is around but you may not have a way to jailbreaking your device the way you want. Well, the good news for you is that it is quite possible now as you can use Safari on your iOS device for downloading the Cydia app icon and then use it as a jailbroken device. But before we get on with the jailbreak process, why not first take a look at what jailbreaking is all about and why do you need it in the first place.

What Is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is a simple concept of liberating your iOS device of all its limitations. Normally the limitations are in place on the apps and software that you can install on your device. Apple only allows you to install the apps from its official App Store and this means there are a lot of useful apps and tweaks that you will miss out on. This limitation is, basically, implemented just to ensure that iOS users may not end up installing spammy apps and malicious software. However, not all apps and tweaks available outside App Store are like that. There are lots of useful tweaks and apps available that do nothing but to expand the functionality of your iOS device and make your experience worthwhile.

To let your device allow for installing those useful apps and tweaks outside App Store, you have to jailbreak it. Jailbreaking gives you access to another App Store with the name Cydia that gives you access to everything you need. However, you just need to be a bit cautions to ensure your device’s safety and only install apps and tweaks from legit sources. You can go for IOS 9.2.1 JAILBREAK, for instance, and tweak things around by downloading your desired apps and adding functionality to your iOS device. You will surely love the new experience with all the liberty of installing just about anything to your iOS device.

What Options You Have To Jailbreak Your iOS Device?

Jailbreaking is an interesting concept and there are a couple of options available for jailbreaking your iOS device. First of all, you have to keep in mind that there are jailbreaks offered individually for specific iOS versions and if you are running iOS 9 on your device, for instance, then you will have to wait until that specific jailbreak is made available publicly.

Secondly, talking about the jailbreak methods, you can jailbreak your device from your computer or without using a computer. As this article is about jailbreaking iOS 9 without computer so we’ll only be discussing that particular method of iOS jailbreak here.

How To Jailbreak iOS 9 Without Computer?

The purpose of jailbreaking is to have Cydia on your iOS device so that you can use it for downloading different tweaks and apps to your device. This method revolves around downloading Cydia icon through Safari browser on your iOS 9 device. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to have the said icon on your device.

  1. To start with, you should ensure that iOS 9 is installed on your iPhone/iPad. If you want to check which iOS version, you’re running on your device then go to Settings and check About section under General Settings.
  2. Once you have confirmed that you’re running iOS 9, launch Safari browser. Remember that any other browser won’t work for the jailbreak purpose and, therefore, you must use Safari here.
  3. Now go to to move the jailbreak process further.
  4. Once on the website, you will see an UP arrow towards bottom of your iPhone screen. Tapping that icon will open Options page
  5. On this page, you will be able to find the option labeled ‘Add to Home Screen’. Tapping on that option will allow you to download Cydia to your iOS 9 device.
  6. You’ll be asked to enter a name of the app you are downloading, just keep it as Cydia and tap the Add button to proceed further.
  7. Cydia icon will now be downloaded to your iOS 9 device. You can launch app icon and keep yourself updated with latest status of iOS 9 jailbreak if it has not already arrived.

Remember that this process will allow you to download the app icon for Cydia on supported devices only. The method works fine on iPhone as well as iPod Touch. For now, there is no support on offer for iPad. The method allows you to download the icon for Cydia app without using a Mac or PC. But keep it in mind that the icon will offer limited functionality only and only gives you access to the jailbreak updates.

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