Hover Camera Passport, the flying camera that follows you

After months of waiting, Hover has presented its first commercial drone, the Hover Camera Passport. It is a compact, foldable, autonomous drone equipped with a versatile camera. The physiognomy of this quadcopter makes its piloting possible in closed spaces, since its four rotors are protected by a carbon fiber housing, which helps to minimize damages in the event of a collision.

Today we arrive with a surprising new product that mixes some drone and some sports cameras, something like a drone that follows you and records video and takes photos, we are talking about the Hover Camera Passport.

The Passport can reach the 27 kilometers per hour and has an autonomy of approximately 10 minutes, in normal climatic conditions, thanks to its battery of 1360 mAh. It also has a camera with 4K resolution of 13 megapixels and a capacity of storage of 32 GB to be able to store the photographs and videos of high quality. As an addition, it also has the function of recording videos in 360 degrees.

We could call it “autonomous drone”, although in some media it is already beginning to speak directly of “hover cameras”, being able to capture video at 4K resolution and 13 MP photos. You want to know more?

Hover Camera Drone Passport

When we talk about the many technological advances, sometimes we escape products that symbolize a breakthrough and a turning point in both photography and video capture.

We leave you with the presentation video of Hover Camera on youtube:

This new technology, created by the Chinese company Zero Zero Robotics, which brings together all the technical characteristics of a drone, a 4K video camera, as well as a careful tracking system, is the most advanced we have seen in months.

Hover Camera Passport Technology

Within this authentic innovation and to achieve what many also call “Selfie Drone”, we can find technology as advanced as:

Facial Detection: can detect the face of its owner and follow during his day or trip

Body Detection: Passport detects your body and follows you while playing sports such as cycling or running

Catch and Ready: thanks to its construction in carbon fiber, the hover camera passport allows you to simply “throw” it in the air and “catch it”.

Orbitation: The Passport can automatically record while spinning around you.

Rotation 360º: allows full 360º captures in which you appear.

Firmware updates: constant updates that allow new functionalities and add robustness to hover camera passport.

Technical specifications Hover Camera Passport

Hover Camera Passport
Image Credit: http://gethover.com

In our review of Hover Camera we do not want to pass up talking about the main technical characteristics of this novel self-drone:

  • Dimensions: 182 x 132 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 242g (with battery)
  • Max Speed: 8 m / s
  • Maximum Autonomy: 10min (without wind, two batteries are included in the pack)
  • Maximum Control Range: 20m
  • Wi-Fi bands: 2.4GHz; 5GHz

But it is also necessary that we talk about the cameras of Hover Camera Passport.

It has a front camera 1 / 3.06 “and a resolution of 13 MP, with a spectacular resolution of 4K video, and Full HD 1080p with possibility of stabilizer.

It has a second lower chamber that allows it to control its position with the ground and stabilize. Two spare parts of batteries which will offer us a total of 30 minutes of autonomy.

It also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, as well as sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope and speed and position sensors, which together with the camera allow the drone to automatically stabilize effortlessly.

Without a doubt, a technology as careful and as powerful as the Hover Camera, should be accompanied by very good accessories and more when you want to compare the hover camera vs dji or hover camera vs mavic, given its versatility.

Its market price is $ 599, however, the company has put up for sale the aircraft with a discount of $ 50. At this reduced price of $ 549, you can add an extra discount of $ 10 with one of the discount codes that Zero Zero Robotics has made available to the consumer. The new device will compete in a highly contested scenario, such as the new moderately priced consumer drones, such as GoPro Karma or DJI Mavic. These are aircraft that are above toys that cost just over 100 euros, but below drones with a professional ambition, from which can be taken as reference DJI Phantom models.

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