Google Wi-Fi, the Google router that wants to improve the Internet connection of your house

Google introduced its new products, in addition to the new smartphones Google Pixel, presented a very interesting network device: Google WiFi. In the presentation they said that with Google WiFi the lack of wireless coverage in our home would cease to exist, is Google WiFi really a revolutionary router?

Another very interesting wireless feature is that it has Bluetooth connectivity to connect mobile devices easily.

Regarding Ethernet ports, there are two Gigabit Ethernet ports, these two ports can be configured as Internet WAN or LAN, but we will only have 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, which in most cases will be really short. This router does not have a USB port for sharing resources on the home network.

Google WiFi
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Regarding the CPU, it has a four-core processor at a speed of 710MHz, also has 512MB of DDR3L RAM and an internal Flash eMMC 4GB memory to store the firmware and content inside.

Another very interesting feature of this device is that we can easily manage it from our smartphone. Some actions we can take is to share the key with our guests, give priority to teams in front of others and even activate a parental control for the youngest of our home.

In summary, these are the basic specifications of Google WiFi:

  • WiFi AC1200 2 × 2 Wave 2
  • Four-core CPU (each up to 710 MHz)
  • WiFi mesh technology
  • Simultaneous dual band WiFi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) compatible with IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / a
  • 2 Ethernet ports per router. Ports can be configured as either WAN or LAN
  • WPA2-PSK
  • 15 W power adapter, consumes approximately 9 W

The highlight of Google WiFi: The incorporation of 3 routers in the same package

So far, we have wireless technical characteristics that any router € 100 equals or improves, compared to the Gigabit Ethernet ports is below the major manufacturers, and also has no USB port to share resources on the local network and the Internet.

Google WiFi

The highlight of this device is that Google will sell a kit with three Google WiFi routers to work together and repeat the signal for our home. When we have a large or multi-storey home, it is almost imperative to place a wireless repeater, Google has thought of this and will directly allow to configure Google WiFi as repeaters, creating a large wireless network in our home and with the roaming function to move from one to another in a transparent way.

The price of a router is $ 129, and the price of the pack of three routers is $ 299. Worth? There are other alternatives from any manufacturer that does exactly the same thing: repeat the Wi-Fi signal and have roaming in our home. In addition, we must not forget that repeating the signal from a wireless network results in loss of speed, so ideally is to pull cable and configure it in AP mode, or use PLC with Wi-Fi access points.

You can also connect several routers in series to create a network of repeaters that allow the Wi-Fi connection to reach the entire house. All this without us having to configure anything. If you are interested, know that the price of a single router is $ 129, while a pack of three routers has a cost of $ 299 – one main and two repeaters. It can be bought from today and orders will be processed in November and will arrive in December.

We recommend you visit the official website of google wifi where you will find all the details about the new Google router. You can also access the Google store directly, although in Spain it is not yet available and it is unknown if it will reach us.


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