Google, Truecaller signup to beat WhatsApp’s video call

Video call feature is a technology which allows the user to hold the meeting or video chat with family members who are located in various places. Long ago, video calling was a great pleasure and therefore it needs expensive and complicated equipment and expertise. Now a day we literally carry it in our pocket. In the modern, we can use the calling feature through a mobile device and smart phones.

About Truecaller:

Truecaller app is an Android application that adds the global caller ID actions to the Android app, iOS system, Windows Phone, and various mobile applications.

It shows the information data on almost any call that your mobile phone receives, even if the number is in your phonebook list or not.

It also gives the lookup performance which granting you to type in a stranger name or the phone number and therefore in most of the cases is to find out the information about it. This app provides the information across the universe, and for each conceivable country.

Truecaller application which runs in the background and, when a call comes to your phone, perform a lookup and therefore shows the information on who the caller is and where the call is from. It does this by searching your phone first which including your SIM card list and then finding the external sources as well containing, obviously, the mobile phone itself that is being used to call you again. The results differ; mostly, you will get some clue as to the name of the caller who called you; in some cases, however, and rely on the country you live in, you might get the recorded address.

But that is not all. Truecaller application will also let you search for both the numbers and names to recognize contacts or to find the people. It can also populate your phonebook list with missing addresses names, if it identifies them, as well as set up blacklists of people in your phone to block the unwanted number.

Truecaller application never uploads the stored contacts of the user to make them searchable when downloading from the Google Play and the Apple App Store. The users always have the choice to turn off the improve the Search if you are using Windows Phone, or an OEM version of the application, or opt-out from the service of Truecaller.

About Google duo app:

Google Duo is a simple video-calling application service that is available for the both Android and the iOS in now a day. As close to the upcoming messaging application Allo, it’s one of two-way communication applications Google announced before this year at its I/O conference which is held, and one of four as a whole from the firm.

Google service has recently launched its new feature called video calling application Duo, which brings on the likes of the Facetime, Skype app, Facebook Messenger service, and a host of others application. So we all have the question, what does Duo takes to the table, and how simple is it to use for their user?The company will take the user by the way of the various new features of the application and have the user communicating with the friends around the universe in no time at all.

In a way, it’s the answer from Google to Apple’s FaceTime, and it makes one-to-one calling between the Android mobile phones and from the Android to iPhone and therefore it is very simple. Though both the parties have to download the application to start chatting that is unlike FaceTime, which is baked into the dialer of agreeable iPhones, it’s still an instinctive application to use.

And while the Android mobile users will likely enjoy by using the Duo to video call to all their friends, iPhone owners won’t find it irresistible enough to ring up the fellow iPhone users. However, it may absolutely become their go-to the application when calling up a friend who uses the Android application device.

It’s different than the Hangouts app:

At this point, you might be admiring what makes Duo different than the other video-calling service of Google, Hangouts, and you are not one if you think the firm has one too many communication devices. But according to the Google device, Duo is assumed to be the way more particularized. Considering the Hangouts app can be used on the desktops device which supports the messaging service and the group chats, and has several videos for the association and it’s integrated reflects these additional features, Duo does the one thing and one thing only and the video calls on your phone or the tablet device.

Unlike the Hangouts app, it reaches the user via their mobile phone numbers and not by their Gmail accounts. Other than downloading the application, you won’t have to cause anyone to sign in into their personal Google accounts or otherwise sign up for a new platform. And the best difference between it and the Hangouts is given below. It uses the end-to-end encryption, so your data can not be looked from any third parties or even Google service itself.

Truecaller and the google duo tie up:

Truecaller Company has announced that it is combining with Google Duo, a simple and easy video calling platform service, within the Truecaller application in an offer to beat the famous social media applications. Truecaller app today, 28th March of the year 2017, declared an important agreement to combine Google Duo, a high quality of video calling feature service, within the Truecaller application.

Therefore this will add an important communications layer which makes more forceful the value of the Truecaller’s wildly famous dialer, caller ID, and the spam-blocking application before used by more than 250 million users universally.

The Swedish-based Truecaller application, begun as an application to recognize and filter out the unwanted phone calls and the text messages, but is now creating moves to become a messaging application.

Just as the Truecaller application change into a Messenger platform service, Google is also gearing up to cancel its text-based conversation forum and the Google Hangouts for the more common Video chat forum of Google Duo.

Along with the news of this sign up, Truecaller app made widely known a total new redesign of the Android application, and now with a extensive array of useful specifications which including the SMS which allow the users to instantly see who’s is messaging them and the filter out all the spam messages and the flash messaging, which grants a user to send quick pre-defined text messages to any of the True caller app user to let them know that they are in upset, at a particular location, or at home.

Now the Google Duo app has extended its reach to the True caller app users by directly connecting into the application where the users can now apply both of the platforms at the same time. Therefore tech viewer says that this will add an important communications layer that makes more forceful the value of the famous dialer, caller ID, and the spam blocking application of Truecaller before they are used by more than 245 million users universally.

Truecaller app integration with the Google Duo app will be ready to use in the coming months of the year for the Android device and iOS device as a permission-based platform service, where the users will be able to choose to participate in something and out at any time.

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