E Concept Vision : Skoda goes to electricity

Skoda’s commitment to electricity concept that is already a fact. The brand plans to launch five electric vehicles by 2025. It will start with the launch of the Superb with plug-in hybrid motor in 2019 and will continue with the first 100% electric vehicle in 2020. This model will be based on the Vision E prototype recently introduced in the Shanghai Auto Show. This is a five-door SUV coupé, which will also be prepared to meet the requirements of level 3 autonomous driving, that is, it can operate by itself in traffic jams, freeways, overtaking and look for parking.

This sporty SUV measures 4.6 meters long, 1.9 wide and 1.5 high and its wheelbase is 2.85 meters, which will allow you to offer a large space in the passenger compartment. Its size is very similar to the Skoda Kodiaq, so it is likely that it can become the coupe variant of this model. At the moment, its interior is configured with four seats, which are turned 20 degrees when we open the doors. It lacks a central tunnel and presents new TFT screens to control the parameters of the vehicle, which can be done by voice or gestures. It also has an advanced environmental lighting system, with 10 different tones.

It has an electric motor in each of the axles, with a total power of 306 hp. It has total traction, can reach 180 km / h of maximum speed and travel up to 500 kilometers in electric solo mode.

The impressive Skoda Vision E Concept has been presented at the Shanghai Motor Show, a truly special prototype for the Czech firm, as it will become its first sports crossover and also in its first electric vehicle. Such a 4WD presents an attractive exterior image, but without sacrificing the breadth and versatility, known in the brand as “Simply Clever”, which characterizes each and every one of the vehicles of the Czech manufacturer.

A Kodiaq Coupé

It is surprising its exterior design, especially by a marked fall of the ceiling in its final part, which prints a special character to this five-door 4WD and with a striking headlights, which are based on advanced technology Matix LED. This Skoda Vision-E Concept could become a reality next year, as the coupe variant of the new Skoda Kodiaq. In addition it would have a design similar to this prototype, and we just have to see its previous prototypes to realize what we are talking about, because they are very close to reality. Now, it would equip “real” mirrors, in addition to more realistic shooters for their side doors.

This Skoda Vision E Concept is based on the MEB platform for electric vehicles, and also has a length of 4.688 millimeters and that is only 9 millimeters less than a Kodiaq, which can have up to seven seats, while this coupé version will only be offered with five. It also has a width of 1,924 millimeters and a height of 1,591 millimeters (1,882 and 1,655 millimeters respectively in a Kodiaq). Its wheelbase is 2,851 millimeters by the 2.791 millimeters of Kodiaq, so that its cantilevers are shortened and offer a more sporty dynamic behavior.

This prototype unveiled in Shanghai is configured as a four-seater, with four sport seats that can rotate 20 degrees when we open the doors. It lacks a central tunnel and presents new TFT screens to control the parameters of the vehicle, which can be done by voice or gestures. Even there are in the back seats. It also adds an advanced environmental lighting system with 10 different tones.

Fully electric

Skoda has decided to equip a fully electric mechanic to boost its new sports crossover. It has a motor in each one of its axles, which generate a power of 306 CV. Thanks to this, the Skoda Vision E Concept becomes a full-service vehicle, which can also reach 180 km / h of top speed (we assume limited), while its lithium-ion batteries give it a range of 500 kilometers .

These batteries can be recharged wirelessly at 11 kW of power, but also allow for recharging conventional and also fast. The latter, in 30 minutes, allows us to recharge up to 80% of its capacity.

Skoda also equips this prototype with an advanced level 3 autonomous driving system, which allows it to operate by itself in traffic jams, motorways, overtaking and search for autonomous parking space. To this end new sensors and radars are installed for short and long distance, which are able to read the road and detect everything that surrounds the vehicle.

As rumored, this prototype will be a reality next year, but Skoda will not offer an electric vehicle until 2020, shortly after launching the Skoda Superb Plug-In. It would also be one of five electric vehicles to launch by 2025.

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