3 Do’s And Don’ts to Emphasize on For a Decent Website Design In 2018

The World Wide Web has a highly competitive environment. Business owners, especially new entrepreneurs are seen spending a lot of time and efforts to attract visitors to their site. However, they are unaware of ways to keep visitors engaged. There are a number of dos and don’ts you need to take into account when creating a performance oriented website.


So what does it take to create success with a website in the year 2018? Here’s a look at crucial Do’s and Don’ts for a decent website design this year:

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t Create a Website that Loads at the Speed of a Snail

All internet users have short attention spans. Hence, they don’t appreciate things that take time to load. You might want to include flashy animations on landing page but these affect performance which is the backbone of a website’s success.

  1. Don’t Clutter Website

When you clutter your website with a lot of junk, you’ll lose visitors. For instance, making use of all those super fancy elements at one place will annoy visitors than attracting their attention. If you make several areas on a website stand out, the visitors will get confused. They won’t know where to click. Website visitors have very short attention spans. Any attempt on your part to confuse them will make them leave. Many designers also place valuable content behind attractive sign-up boxes. This is also a no-no.

  1. Don’t Integrate Poor Call to Action

It is crucial for your site to have some purpose. The site should be capable of guiding visitors to tread towards that purpose seamlessly. This is precisely where your ‘call to action’ comes into play. Most designers place their ‘call to action’ in a discreet location or write one that fails to direct visitors. In fact, it simply confuses them. This is a serious mistake that should be avoided.

The Dos

  1. Do – Focus on Performance of Site

Website performance must make for an integral part of the design. Website usability is more crucial than any flashy gimmick you include. High quality content will impress clients. This serves as the most vital element of their web experience.

  1. Do – Develop Quality Content

When it comes to user experience, give content the position of highest prominence. Also make sure it is accessible for all visitors. Aim at developing content that meets the following criteria:

Organization – Divide content into varied categories. Cramming huge content in one place will spoil it all.

Simplicity – The ease of removing that deters or does not help your website achieve its goal.

Consistency – Make sure the website maintains consistency across the board. Avoid page-to-page changes within theme and website layout.

Spacing – Always leave white space around design and text elements to avoid bleeding of content.

  1. Do – The Location of Call of Action

Place your call to action in a highly prominent location. Your visitors should not have to guess each time they visit you. Let them know precisely what you wish them to do. Start by conducting some serious research in your niche. This will let you locate the best site for your call to action. As per experts and top web developers recommendations, above content’ is the most productive location for most niches.

Wrapping Up

The website indeed is the reflection of your business and the services you are offering. This is also a medium to interact with your customers by discussing the problem areas, the benefits of your services and how the customers can get in touch with your executives to know more about the services.

For an impactful website, the layout, color, theme, and font should be in perfect harmony so that your site visitors have soothing reading experience.

Moreover, if you avoid the above-discussed web designing mistakes, certainly your website will be simple as yet appealing enough to retain the site visitors which will eventually lead to the conversion.

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