Entrepreneur comes from the French word “entrepreneur” which means pioneer. In its origins the word served to designate the adventurous people. At present, it serves to name all those innovative entrepreneurs.

Much research has been done to find the perfect entrepreneur’s cocktail and know its characteristics, but in reality there are no rules that have to follow perfectly to be a good entrepreneur. It can be said that there are a number of characteristics that are common to most entrepreneurs. You will feel identified with some of them and maybe not with many others. You already know that we like the interaction, so if you find any that for you is not collected here or that you think should not be leave us a comment!



Can you imagine what it takes to be working every day in something that you do not like? Think that if you have started or venture into the venture is because you really want to do what you like. Turn your passion into your work and you will not have to work even one day during your life.


It is clear that behind an entrepreneur there is a business idea in which he believes and bets. To find that gap in which to start your business adventure must have vision of future and new business opportunities not to go towards an absolute failure.


Surely if you are an entrepreneur you are creative. Surely you will know how to get out of trouble in the most creative and airy way for you and your business.


You have to be constant. If once it goes wrong do not go down, get up and continue forward. Do not give up on the first change. A business is a career in the background in which you will find potholes.

Positive attitude

As Van Gaal said “Always positive, never negative”. To be a good entrepreneur you need to have a positive attitude even if things do not go as well as you hoped. Do not fall down! To know that after the storm always comes calm.

Decision-making capacity

There are people who do not like to make decisions. If you are this type of person you are going to have to change the chip entirely. A good entrepreneur must be able to make decisions and assume that all the decisions they make will have an impact on their business.


Many of the beginnings of every entrepreneur are chaotic. The lack of financial resources can lead you to have to deal with the vast majority of tasks. But it should not be organized only if you take care of all aspects of your business, if things go well you will have to be organized to organize all your workers and their tasks.


Not being the last is the least important. Every entrepreneur must believe in himself and in his business. If you convey that you are a confident person and that you firmly believe in your business you will get the people around you to be able to see it.


Are things not going as you imagined? A good entrepreneur knows how to adapt to all the changes you suffer in your environment. Remember this phrase of the writer Salman Rushdie: All ideas, even the sacred, must adapt to new realities. You will have to adapt to find your way. entrepreneur adapts


If you believe in your project, nobody better than yourself to lead it and surround yourself with the best team to reach your goal. Become a leader and make your group feel like the project, so that everyone can paddle to the waters of success.

What are the characteristics of a good entrepreneur for you?


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