This post is for you that you are thinking of promote in the creation of a company. For you, that just thinking of the procedures you get headache. Calm down, do not panic. Let’s go step by step. And there are ten. Same as only nine. Does not it look so bad? Well come on, let’s go with the 10 steps you need to take to create your business.


Once you have decided the name of your company you must obtain a certificate that verifies that there is no other company with the same name, although it does not seem so, in many cases this is the most difficult step.

This is called the negative certification of the name and is requested online at the Central Mercantile Register.

Deposit of share capital

Then, a cash deposit is made to an internal account in the name of a banking entity in order to provide the initial capital for the incorporation of the Company. You will get a bank certification of such deposit.

Deed of constitution and bylaws

It is then when you must go to a notary to perform the deed of constitution of your company. This deed of incorporation must include:

Social denomination

Social object

Registered Office

Duration of the partnership

Administration organ

High Tax Agency

Taxation in the Tax of Economic Activities.

High in Intra-Community Operations.

Once the census has been registered, we obtain the provisional NIF of the company and the provisional social denomination.

Registration of property

At the registry office we carry out the liquidation of the property transfer tax and documented legal acts (ITPAJD).

Opening bank account

Once the above steps are completed, the bank opens a bank account in the name of the company and transfers the funds from the share capital.

Registration Commercial Registry

Registration of the deed of incorporation and deeds of empowerment granted by the company. With this step is with which the company is formed.

Definitive TIN application

At this moment we are given the tax identification card with the definitive Tax Identification Number and the company name in the Tax Agency.

Social Security

If you do not have any workers, the company does not have to register in Social Security, but the members have to be registered in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA).

At the moment in which a worker is hired, it must be given to the worker and to the society registered in the Social Security.

City Hall

If you do not have a local customer service we would have finished. The fact that we did have it, we need to go to the city hall to get the license to open.

Now that you have the road map, it’s your turn! Startup is the most complicated, start by brainstorming the company name and do not be discouraged if it does not come out at first. Good luck in your business project!

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