Best Smart Home Products Available in 2018

Is your home smart enough going into 2019? Our homes have seen an abundance of changes over the years. Technology innovations have given a chance to us for coming across some amazing devices that have made life simpler and more comfortable at home. If your home is not making use of these smart products, then you are missing out on many things. Looking to get started with smart home devices? Here are the best smart home products which you must have at your place in 2018. Check them out.

1. Google Home

Google Home is the first smart speaker offering from the search engine giant that lets you perform various tasks. There are some impressive options regarding smart-speakers out there, but the ability of this product to blend in the home without getting noticed along with the power of Google assistant makes it a choice worth reckoning.  It can read out your reminders, play music and pretty much do everything that Google assistant does on your phone. You can buy Google Home at amazingly low prices during the Black Friday Sale on Target store. One can be assured of regular improvements and updates on this device from Google.

2. Xiaomi Yeelight

Light your home with Xiaomi Yeelight smart bulb. Yeelight is a lighting bulb which you can control with your smartphone. It runs on Xiaomi’s low power Wi-Fi setup, which you can connect to your WIFI at home with the MI home app. There is a beautiful range of beautiful colours which you can get with Yeelight and give your room and apartment a different colour every day. The company proposes that it is rated to run 11 years without any breakdown.

3. Google Home Hub

If you are willing to spend an extra dime and get something better than Bluetooth speakers, then Google Home Hub might be what you are looking for. Home Hub is a one step ahead of Google Home as it carries a display of its own and lets you see the results instead of only listening to it. When it is not in use, Google Home Hub works as a photo frame, with pictures changing from selected photos on your drive. It has an advantage over Google Home, as it can recognize the voice of more than one people and personalize the experience differently for each. It is a perfect assistant to have in your home which can integrate with numerous gadgets. It is going to be a big hype once it is available in the stores by the end of the year.

4. Sonos Wireless Speakers

A wireless speaker is not a smart device for some, but it is undoubtedly an essential part of an intelligent home as smart speakers would never be able to replace dedicated ones. The experience of playing music or watching videos online can be enhanced with good quality wireless speakers who also pose an advantage of connecting to new devices without having to plug in any cable. You can stream videos or music from your phone with the help of these speakers with quality and loud sound. If you are looking for one, then do not miss out on the Black Friday deals on Sonos wireless speakers. Sonos has a fantastic range of wireless speakers with the best sound output.

5. Nest Security Cameras

Don’t just make your home smart but make it secure too. Nest offers its 4K security camera with a ton of intelligent features. It has many options that can help you secure your home. This camera can notice any unexpected motions, or unfamiliar people at home and send notifications to you about it on your phone. It has the option of saving faces and sorting them into recognized and unrecognized. You can take care of your home even remotely with this Nest security camera.

So, these are the best smart home devices available in 2018 which you must have at your place to make life simpler for you. These products are the top picks from the industry, so make sure to give them a try. Which smart home devices do you find exciting? Let us know in the comments.

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