Did you have one? Know the best-selling phones in history

The Telegraph published a list of the 20 best-selling telephones in history.

The 20th place is occupied by the Samsung Galaxy S3, a smartphone that sold more than 60 million units. This model was launched in 2012. Its operating system was Android 4.0, a version that currently stands at 1.1% of Android devices. Its screen was 4.8 inches, its camera was 8 MP and had 1GB of RAM and 12GB of internal memory.

The Motorola C200 (from 2002), Motorola StarTAC (from 1996), iPhone 4S, Nokia 5130 (from 2007) also sold more than 60 million units.

The list continues with the models that sold between 70 million and 100 million units: iPhone 5 (the first with 4-inch screen), Nokia 6010 (from 2004), Samsung Galaxy S4 (from 2013), which bears the Android’s best-selling story with 80 units; Is followed by the Nokia 1208 with more than 100 million computers.

This barrier was easily overcome by the Nokia 3310, the Nokia 1600 (from 2006), the Motorola Razr V3 (launched in 2004 in its silver, pink and black versions), Nokia 2600 and Samsung E1100 (2009) Which had a battery that lasted several days. Above the 150 million units sold are the Nokia 5230 (from 2009), a model that did not have Wi-Fi; Followed by Nokia 6600 (from 2003), Nokia 1200 (from 2007 and monochrome screen) and Nokia 3210 (from 1999).

And what were the three best selling models in history?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, launched in 2014, became the most popular terminals in the Apple line with more than 220 million units sold. In fact, these phones made the company the apple in which it obtained greater profits in the world.

However, two other models have been more popular: the Nokia 1110, a team with polyphonic ringtones and monochrome screen, launched in 2005; And the Nokia 1100, chosen for its size, durability and battery life. Of this, more than 250 million units have been sold since its launch in 2003.


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