Top best compact cameras 2017 (For All Pockets)

Responding to a popular demand, in today’s article we brings you a list of the best compact cameras of the moment. If you were thinking about buying one, I might be waiting for you below.

Compact digital cameras have surely been and will be responsible for many people fall in love with photography. Not only those who begin to take their first steps in photography acquire best compact cameras, also more advanced users and even professionals have among their equipment have a good compact camera. Remember that the camera is only a medium, and what really matters is the photographer.

If you feel identified with any of the situations I just mentioned or if you are about to buy your next camera, do not hesitate to read the article I have prepared for you, in it I recommend what for me are some of the best compact  cameras that an amateur photographer can have right now.

The criterion I used for the next selection was both my experience and user of this type of best compact cameras, as well as the experience of many users who recommend, test and share their experiences through the network. From all that I have selected the “point & shoot” from compact cameras and I have compiled it in this article.

Before to buy best compact cameras

Whether you are taking your first steps in digital photography or you are an expert in it, when it comes to acquiring a new camera should not lose sight of the following issues:

Why do you want a new best compact cameras? Are you sure that you are not one of the many victims of big brand marketing so that you are constantly spending a bundle on acquiring a new product that does not offer any significant improvement over what you already have?

What uses do you intend to give it? By now, it is important that you think about what features you require for the use you are going to give your new camera. Starting with what you want will help you focus on those specifications that you consider fundamental for your next team.

Beware of cheating: It is well known that stores and manufacturers have an incredible capacity to make us believe things that are not completely true. This we already saved it to us with this careful selection that only includes cameras of contrasted utility.

Finally, keep in mind that the best camera does not exist, what does exist is the camera that best suits your particular needs. To help you find it, I have prepared a list with the best compact cameras.

The best compact digital cameras:

Each year, and as miniaturization progresses, manufacturers are able to incorporate incredible features into a small pocket camera, so some of them may surprise you in terms of quality and performance. Here I leave the 8 cameras that surprised me the most in terms of quality and performance:

Canon G7 X:

A superb compact camera that exceeds even the most advanced SLR cameras: 20 megapixel resolution, 60fps Full HD video recording, ideal for slow motion scenes, and a built-in lens with a generous aperture F / 1.8, which many professional SLR camera owners miss.

The Japanese company has been certain to position this compact premium just one step below in price of the great PowerShot G1 X Mark II, making it somewhat more affordable, but not much more, and thus reaching a wider range of users. In any case, the G7 X has almost everything that an advanced user, and even a professional, can ask for a compact premium. Let’s look at it in detail.

best compact cameras

The optics is undoubtedly one of the great strengths of the G7 X. Its focus is 8.8-36.8 mm, which is equivalent to a 24-100 mm in 35 mm, so its versatility is assured. In addition, its range of maximum openings is also very good: f / 1.8-2.8. With these characteristics it is evident that this camera feels comfortable with intense blur, which makes it suitable, among many other scenarios, for portraits. Its bokeh is very uniform, which leaves in very good place to this Canon optics. Another important point is the presence of an optical stabilizer that in scenarios with little ambient light can effectively reduce the jitter, something that we will check later when we talk about the image quality of this camera.

The Canon PowerShot G7 X is not a camera for all audiences. The euros that will cost when it hits the market in November will not allow access to many users, but this does not mean that it is expensive. It is obvious that it is not cheap, but we must take into account that it is a compact advanced impeccably built, which offers us total manual control, very flexible connectivity and image quality really reference in its price range. For this reason, it seems to me a very interesting option for advanced users and professionals who need a solution that offers them maximum operational flexibility and high image quality in a very compact body. This is the type of users that Canon has thought of when designing this best compact cameras.

Sony DSC-W830

Available in various colors, the Sony DSC-W830 brags a powerful 20-megapixel sensor, 8x optical zoom, image stabilizer to save your photos from those times when you shake hands when shooting, and a series of extras that make it a very good choice. Among those extras is the “beauty” effect with which you can retouch portraits instantly, from the camera itself, eliminating small imperfections and enhancing the beauty of the subject, without knowledge of portrait photography.

best compact cameras

Main advantage:

In addition to offering wide angle, the Sony DSC-W830 have been received in a very good way by users thanks to the excellent resolution they provide, and is that with 20.1Mp, you can be sure that you can capture those details that make the difference, Thus obtaining clear and sharp images of the most valuable moments and the most amazing landscapes.

Some users, in their comments on web pages, have mentioned that this product tends to take a few seconds, before showing a recently taken photograph. Of course this is a factor that will depend a lot on the resolution that we are using. Also, they mention that this is not a factor that affects the quality of the photos at all, which means that you can still capture excellent images with this best compact cameras.


This best compact cameras with wide angle are not only ideal for landscapes and large environments, since it also incorporates features that provide the best experience when portraying one or more people. One of these functions is the beauty effect, which allows you to edit portraits directly on the camera, to enhance your appearance giving you a fresher and clearer appearance.

In many cases it is not enough to just have a camera on hand, that is why the Sony DSC-W830 allows you to record videos in a high definition 720p, which is extremely useful, especially in those unique and unrepeatable moments, Which you can view or share with family and friends later.


Many users have highlighted how comfortable they have been to take this best compact cameras with wide angle everywhere, and is that with only 2.3 cm wide and a weight of 104 g, it will not be annoying to carry it on, or hold it even during the Recording of an extensive video.

In addition, this product not only includes the charger in the purchase, also includes a rechargeable lithium battery, which will allow you to take more than 250 photographs in the highest resolution with a single charge, which represents a good statistic given the compactness of the product.

Panasonic TZ70EG-K:

This combined with its slow-motion video recording capabilities (50fps in Full HD) or its built-in image stabilizer make it one of the best compact cameras to consider.

We find in amazon a price drop of this magnificent camera Panasonic DMC-TZ70EG-K, we are faced with a compact super zoom 30x and a fantastic optical brand LEICA.

best compact cameras

If you are thinking of renewing the pocket camera and looking for more quality than the smartphones can give you this camera could be a very good choice, and even more at this price.

The Panasonic DMC-TZ70EG-K features a 12.1MP sensor, a 30x optical zoom (129 – 4.5mm) optical image stabilizer and 1080p full HD video recording, is black and has connectivity via WiFi and NFC .

This camera is ideal for traveling, is capable of taking very good pictures in low light conditions thanks to its high sensitivity MOS sensor.

Fuji X70

Lovers of the classic do not have to do without the benefits of cutting-edge technology. The most vivid example of this is embodied in the Fujifilm X70, a delightful camera in terms of performance but retaining a beautiful look and feel of the retro cameras that we like nostalgic so much.

Among its features are its APS-C sensor, typical of large SLR cameras, continuous shooting of up to 8 photos per second, full HD video recording in slow motion, and a flip-down screen, ideal for self-portraits.

I’ll start with what I most liked about the X70: Its content size and discretion. The black model still adds a plus, and according to my experience these days, hardly anyone will realize that you take it to make a photo. That’s why I have to say it’s one of the best cameras out there today for practicing Street Photography every day. A perfect camera pocket that with the silence of its shutter, make it imperceptible to not interfere in the scene.

best compact cameras

The quality of the images is very good, surprising for such a small best compact cameras. This is because it shares sensor and processor with its older siblings of the X100 family. Therefore, we know that it assembles an APS-C X-Trans CMOS II 16-megapixel sensor, supported by an EXR II processor. According to my tests, you can work on RAW with an acceptable noise level up to ISO1600, and even in low light situations, you can force up to ISO6400 with a more usable image. In this link you can see some examples in RAF to a high ISO. The JPG works very well directly on camera, although many of in favor of working on RAW. Anyway, here I leave a gallery of photos of the X70.

Also, one of the things also interesting, is that by having dials in body, we do not have to turn on the camera to see what configuration we have set, we can prepare and make the photo quickly. I have only missed one dial for ISO, but in this case, the possibility of configuring different customizable buttons allows you to fill this gap with a very personal control of the camera.

The colors you get in any of your movie simulations – although my favorite is the Classic Chrome – they are very nice and nice. So much, that personally I have a hard time working in black and white, despite the opinion of many other street photographers.

But there have also been things that have not yet convinced me. Working at 24mm is not something I’ve ever liked, so it’s been difficult for me to get used to firing at that distance. I am more than 50mm and how much a 35mm, so, not having the flexibility to change the lens causes me some anxiety and makes it a camera not flexible in this aspect. But everything is getting used to it, as with the absence of the electronic viewfinder, so great in the Fujifilm X series. It is true that the screen is great and being very articulate allows us to shoot very discreetly and with different frames. But I miss the viewfinder, at least for my way of photographing.

Nikon CoolPix S7000:

If you are looking for a good balance between price, performance and the backing of a great brand, the Nikon CoolPix S7000 can be a good alternative. In addition to its more than 16 megapixel resolution, a generous 20X optical zoom capable of approaching distant points within the frame, boasts of the latest in connectivity: it has both Wi-Fi and NFC which will allow you to connect it with Multitude of devices, mobile and tablets, to download photos or shoot at a distance.

Take the ultra slim and stylish COOLPIX S7000 out of your pocket or bag, magnify the image with far more power than you would expect from a small camera and capture beautiful close-ups of the action that occurs from a distance. Then use Wi-Fi and integrated near-field communication (NFC) technology to connect your best compact cameras to a compatible smartphone and start transferring photos from the COOLPIX S7000 to the connected smartphone wirelessly. With Vibration Reduction (VR) you get 16-megapixel stills and stable videos in Full HD 1080 / 60i. The Scene Modes to overcome difficult shooting situations and the huge amount of Creative Image Effects, photos and videos will be the envy of your friends.

best compact cameras


  • Approach what interests you

It has been designed around a genuine NIKKOR glass lens, the legendary lens that has made Nikon famous. The 20x optical zoom lens, goes from a wide angle, ideal for portraits and landscapes, to a telephoto, ideal for close-ups of sports, concerts, shots in nature and more. When you need even more range, zoom up to 40x with Dynamic Precision Zoom, an enhanced digital zoom function that doubles its range without compromising high resolution.

  • Send photos directly to your smart device

Sharing the photos could not be easier. With Nikon’s built-in Wi-Fi, simply press the Wi-Fi button and the menu will appear for easy setup. Now you can start sharing pictures wirelessly for your compatible smartphone. With Near Field Communication (NFC), simply tap your Android smartphone to the camera, it’s that easy to connect. Once connected, you can easily upload your Nikon-quality images to your favorite sites, even remotely control the COOLPIX S7000.

  • Full HD 1080p / 60i videos with stereo sound

With the push of a button, it becomes a high-performance video camera. The 4-axis Hybrid Vibration Reduction (VR) helps you shoot smooth, stable videos without a tripod, and an integrated stereo microphone captures high-fidelity sound. Apply creative effects, combine short video clips in a 30-second setting, and even create stunning, live video clips on the camera.

  • 18 Scene Modes to capture photos and videos effortlessly

Experienced photographers optimize the settings of their cameras according to the situation. The camera does all the work for you. With 18 Scene Modes including Beach, Snow, Night Portrait, Sunset and many more, it’s easy to find a Scene Mode for any time. You can even free up your creativity and use Scene Modes to alter common shots. Or you can select Easy Auto Mode and let the camera choose the best mode for your situation.

  • AF Destination Detector for intelligent, accurate auto focus

It’s frustrating when a smartphone camera focuses on the wrong object. Target Detector AF instantly and accurately determines the subject and focuses it, not on any object that is closer to the camera. Capture the shot you want on the first try. No more shots out of focus, nor the frustration of trying to get the camera to focus on the indicated object

Canon IXUS 155

The Canon IXUS 155 is another great alternative for those who walk on a budget rather tight but do not want to dispense with state-of-the-art features. The Canon IXUS 155 impresses with its combination of 20 megapixel resolution, 10X optical zoom, image stabilizer that will save you the frustration of getting blurry photos, along with a lot of extras that will make your “shot” much easier with this best compact cameras.

The new IXUS 155 offers the amazing resolution of 20 million pixels, a figure that exceeds that of the flagship of Canon, the EOS 1D X. I consider that the 20 Megapixels are more a prenuptial claim than a real need of users of this type of Cameras, because with only a resolution of 8 million pixels is possible to make enlargements to a size over 50 x 75cm. With excellent photographic quality. It is important not to confuse the resolution with the image quality.

best compact cameras

The sensor of the IXUS 155 offers the same dimensions as those built into the most common best compact cameras, which means that those 20 million pixel resolution have a minimum size. The smaller the size of the photodiodes that make up the sensor, the smaller is the ability to capture light, which has a direct impact on shooting in adverse light conditions. Hence the remarkable difference between shooting with the IXUS 155 in full sun and indoors without flash. It is a model that unfolds with ease on the outside, offering excellent image quality and colors very much to the liking of the users of compact cameras. Indoors or in poor light situations the result is very different, losing much of the charm that we have when shooting in full sun.

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100:

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 is a simple SLR camera camouflaged in the body of a compact. And if not, how do you explain the 20 megapixel resolution it offers, or the f / 1.8 aperture lens that many SLR owners would like to have? With a lens of this type you can capture immense amounts of light and get interesting creative effects that few compact ones allow.

In addition to the automatic mode, it also has manual shooting modes (M / S / A / P) such as those used in SLR cameras.

Forget topics and start taking professional photos without having to carry a DSLR camera and its objectives. With the Sony DSC-RX100 it is possible.

best compact cameras

Exmor CMOS Sensor

A sensor 4 times larger than many compact, which translates into images of up to 20.2 megapixels full of details and with very little noise. So they say the size does not matter …

Carl Zeiss Lens

The F1.8 aperture of the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens allows for greater light input and translates into clear, bright photos. It is also key to unlimited creative effects. Now you do not need a SLR to play with the blur.

Recording videos

The RX100 is spectacular taking pictures but not forget that sometimes you need moving pictures and not to disappoint you offers the possibility of recording videos in Full HD with the push of a button. If you think you can opt for more do not cut yourself, adjust focus and exposure while recording and become a true film director.

Have control

Switch from automatic to manual mode comfortably through its soft control ring. Adjusts exposure, zoom, image effects and other functions with a single finger. With Play Memories Studio software you can edit your photos or home videos quickly and easily.

Pentax MX-1:

A handy camera while being aesthetically pleasing offers a 12-megapixel sensor, a 4X optical zoom, built-in image stabilizer, and one of its strengths, the folding screen, which allows the photographer to capture from difficult angles, All the time framing and photography before shooting.

The PENTAX MX-1 features a 4x zoom lens and a large aperture F1.8 to F2.5 and a 28mm (35mm) wide-angle coverage. Thanks to the high performance of the camera, which ensures crisp, sharp images even at maximum aperture, the photographer can use faster shutter speeds in low-light locations to get beautiful bokeh (background) blur effects. The MX-1 also allows a 1cm Macro mode for capturing close-up shots of 1 cent subjects, and the Intelligent Zoom function to extend the zoom coverage up to approximately 7.8 times (for a focal length of approximately 218mm in 35mm format) without compromising image quality.

Pentax already has many compact cameras accumulated in its catalog: small, customizable, some with superzoom, some bridge, and a line of compacts ‘all terrain’, the W family, in continuous evolution since 2005.

But in this best compact cameras range never a special emphasis was placed on image quality, but it was sought to distinguish itself by the external appearance, value for money, or functionalities little exploited by other brands. This was the case of the aforementioned W, when few brands bet on submersible chambers without a shell.

With the Pentax MX-1, the newly-merged Japanese brand Ricoh enters the crowded segment of premium compact cameras, which as we explained in our analysis of the Samsung EX2F, has as its main features the image quality and performance Above all other categories of compact.

Pentax has chosen to pay tribute to one of its most classic cameras, the MX, a fully manual DSLR highly appreciated for its excellent viewfinder and compact size.

As we see in the images, the black MX and silver (there is a totally black version) has some similarity with the classic Pentax, even if it is more

As I said at the beginning of the article the perfect camera does not exist, but among this list you should be able to find the camera that is right for you.

Thank you very much for reading this article, I hope it was to your liking. If so please share it!


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