Auto Air Conditioning Service

Auto Air Conditioning Service

save the unnecessary costs and routine maintenance

 if you Don’t want to have climate issue you should check the air condition at least every two years, and if the car is older and, then even more often.

Manual or automatic, the air condition is one of those elements of the car that almost we don’t take care until the air condition denounces obedience. If that doesn’t happen, especially not in the middle of summer, it must be regularly serviced.

More precisely – every two years, and if the car is older and more often. Air conditioning is then coupled to the first machine that the system extracts the remaining refrigerant gas and oil. This is followed by evacuation or extraction of moisture, and then the return of oil and gas in the system and complementary to the new gas and oil.

In addition to performing and disinfection of the ventilation, is good to use a special anti-allergy spray. The entire procedure in a service takes half an hour. But, as you know, the summer season starts right now, and working with these problematic in the workshops or some of the services now is very much worth it. Very often they offer you a free check and change the filters if you purchase a new filter in their service, which can cost you even 100-150 dollars.

But how did the problems start with climate, why poorly or not cooling at all? Of course, there are a lot of things that can put you into this trouble, but the most common problem, however, is the lack of gas and oil. In the normal operating pressure of the gas therein is up to 20 bars, wherein the gas is heated to about 70 degrees, and at the same temperature to warm the oil. It is a normal operation where, In other words, in the system, it has less and less oil, and the air conditioning compressor with its pistons starts to run on dry.

A thick oil can also damage the valves and the filter-drier. This filter should also be replaced every few years before it is clogged because when that happens then starts to compact too much pressure. In the worst cases may cause you a full cancellation of the air conditioning compressor, which, depending on the model, can cost you a lot. And that outlay certainly no one will want to afford.

Maintenance keeps the wallet

How to properly maintain the air conditioner in the car

 1.Check perform in spring time

Do not wait for the summer heat to check how the climate is working, try to finish that in spring. This will give you enough time for the eventual removal of some defects.

2.Use often the air conditioning

If you want to extend the life of air conditioning in your car try to use it often, also, in the winter, at least once or twice a week when the temperatures are more than five Celsius degrees.

3.Change the filters often

The manufacturer of each car is predicted service life replacement for the filter on climate 6000-9000 miles. Make sure change the filters on time.

4.Fill up the gas in the air conditioning system

Gas failure is most commonly known when the compressor starts, and when the air coming from the ventilation holes is not cold like it should be. In the service, you can check if the gas leaks, and if does, then refill.

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