The new Apple campus most iconic office in next future

The construction of Apple Campus 2, the company’s new headquarters, have been delayed a few months.

Apple Campus 2 was originally proposed by Steve Jobs and has been under construction since 2013. It has been designed by famed English architect Norman Foster and is designed to house 13,000 people on a plot of more than 79 hectares, according to the Popular Science page.

The central building is a ring with a giant park in the center, which according to the initial design will be full of fruit trees. The campus will also have a gymnasium of almost 10,000 m2, an underground auditorium with 1,000 locations and a car park also underground to leave space on the surface for roads and bicycle lanes.

apple campus

Apple intends to create a sustainable campus that can be self-sufficient with renewable energy. This would be most elegant best office headquarters in the world. In the video you can see for example the extensive areas covered with solar panels, which will be the main energy source.

Apple Campus 2: the play is coming to an end

The company’s new campus, built a short distance from the previous one and where it is expected to work around 13,000 employees, will be completed within a very short time, as we can appreciate in aerial shots taken from drones arriving every month.

The work, both in the building and in the outer areas, are advancing by leaps and bounds to fulfill the promise of opening the doors of this new campus in the first months of this year. Undoubtedly, and after so many months following the work of the project, this moment is something that many hope to see as soon as possible.

Perhaps we can see, in fact, the company’s first event this year already held in the new auditorium that has been built on this new campus to host the company’s presentations. This will be around April, and it really seems like a good time to open the pavilion, which will have 1,000 locations arranged to be occupied by all guests attending the event. It is probable, therefore, that the next presentation of the company of Cupertino comes with some more surprise of an additional form.

It is expected that the pace of construction of what will be the new home of Apple in the years to come will intensify in the coming weeks, hoping to start as soon as possible with the final touches. 2017 is considered a very interesting year for Apple, with many products on the table that could receive updates of some kind, especially the iPhone, which are expected big things in this tenth anniversary. We are still in January, but the first nerves begin to feel like a year that will be little less than a test of capabilities for the apple.

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