This Chinese company takes the lead in Amazon in the deal with drones

Jindong, the Chinese Internet sales or e-commerce company, already conducts product deals with drones in rural areas. Thus, the Eastern firm takes the lead to the US Company Amazon, which intended to introduce a similar system in its distribution tasks, but its implementation will not arrive until 2017 or 2018.

Two Jindong drones already make deals in the city of Suqian, in Jiangsu Province, in the eastern part of China. They serve in areas with a small number of requests, but above all, in areas of small population, taking into account the drone regulations. Each of the devices can attend 200 requests daily and each deal has a cost of less than 0.70 euros.

These drones can carry up to 15 kilos of cargo and can travel at a speed of 54 kilometers per hour. The Asian company hopes that they can increase the maximum load they can carry up to 30 kilos.

Jingdong has obtained the rights of the distribution of goods in this location during a year, but the Chinese firm wants to expand its range of action to other zones of the South and Southwest of the country. According to a senior manager of the company, Xiao Jun, the drone only needs one hour to transport the goods. The drone collects the product from its distribution warehouse and takes it to the citizens of these areas, although sparsely populated, receive a service of equal or better quality than the inhabitants of large cities.

Jingdong and Amazon are not the only companies that have been involved in the development of a distribution system with drones. UPS made a $ 800,000 investment in the Zipline drug distribution project. For its part, DHL has tested with its Parcelcopter, a multi-rotor capable of flying at more than 1,200 meters altitude.

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