All beginnings are difficult. If you are starting with your business, you will know how complicated it is to attract customers. If you have spent your whole life in your small business, you know that getting more clients than those of a lifetime is sometimes an arduous task.

Before you throw in the towel, we’ve researched a little bit for you to know more about how to attract customers to your small business. Sure half of the things have already tried but we managed to hit the spot with some still not crossed your mind. Before we start with anything, we are going to leave you a golden rule that you have to keep in mind even before you consider opening your business, knowing what your client’s profile is. Having this clear you already have most of the way traveled. But just in case we are going to leave you a couple of actions that you can carry out and with which you can achieve the arrival of new customers to your business.

Small business

Know the names of your customers

The close trade of the small trade is one of the points that differentiate your local from the big surfaces. Knowing the names of your customers and greeting them when they pass in front of your business are small details that will make them speak well of you in the future.

Organize free courses or workshops

Occasionally you take courses related to the products or services you carry out in your business. A way to get interested people to come to your store the same as you. Offering without asking for anything in return will bring you the rewards in one form or another. The Faino Tí store in Santiago is an example of a small shop that organizes workshops in its facilities. If you like knitting or crocheting is your site!

Do not stay still, be dynamic

Do not stay in your business waiting for new customers to come through the door. Go for them! Participate in events, talks, conferences related to your sector … Do not get trapped in the four walls of your store interacts with the outside!

Offers & Promotion

Create a special offer for new customers, but do not forget those of a lifetime! Reward your loyalty to your business with special discounts for them. Have you tried temporarily putting a 2 × 1 on some of your products? There are many fans of the big bargains and discounts, if you have enough stock of a product can be a good way to attract attention.

Profiles in social networks

Having profiles in social networks is a way to attract customers to your small business. Count the day to day of your business, the arrival of new products, share interesting information for your customers … When one of our customers shares our content we can reach new potential customers.

Sponsor a trade show or an event:

Participating in an event is one thing but sponsoring one would make you able to reap all the marketing efforts of event organizers too. Consider being title sponsors for an upcoming trade show in your niche. Where you will be able to increase brand awareness by having your name displayed on all marketing material, you will also get the most ideal booth location at the venue. Rest is the game for AV technologies to win you uncountable leads.

Do you own a small business and have some idea to attract customers? Tell us!

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