5 tips for using Gmail and Chrome as a professional

Since Google and its products have a seal of excellence assured. It is likely that as a user you use your Chrome browser and your Gmail. Although these products are very good by themselves, there are many ways to make them better. In this guide we show you 5 tips that will greatly improve your experience with minimal effort.

Undo send mail

What is the big problem with emails? Exactly, that once sent can no longer be modified if it had some error or cancel if you definitely repented. At least that was before, but now Gmail offers a tool that gives you a window of a few seconds to cancel the shipping just in time. To activate the function go to Settings> General> Undo send and select the seconds you want to have ‘ cancellation period ‘.


Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and has millions of products for sale. The ease of purchase is a very seductive reason, but believe it or not, many times that the products are cheaper elsewhere. Wikibuy is a free service that analyzes the prices of each product you see on Amazon and lets you know if there is any other store where it costs less.


Email is an indispensable tool for anyone who works online and you may think that answering an email at any time is the right thing to do, but the reality is that your reader will not always be available when you want. Boomerang allows you to schedule your mailing hours so that you appear up to the top of your boss’s inbox at the appropriate time.


If you usually search or write a lot in English, a good proofreader is a real necessity. Grammarly is an extension that checks the quality of your spelling and writing live and automatically notifies you of any errors so that you can make the corresponding correction.


Gmail’s tabs are a double-edged sword, because although they can increase productivity and help you become multitasking, they can become an addiction and turn your browser into a complete mess. OneTab allows you to organize your tabs by date so you can have Chrome running 100% without worrying about losing all those pages you wanted to read together.

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